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Blue of London: The Best Earl Gray Tea I Have Ever Tasted

Updated on May 13, 2013
Blue of London Earl Gray Tea, Loose Leaf or Bag
Blue of London Earl Gray Tea, Loose Leaf or Bag | Source

I like good tea, and I love great tea. I am a world traveler and have spent a lifetime collecting tea from around the world. I would not say I am an expert, but I have a sound knowledge of tea and have relatives running a tea plantation in Darjeeling, India. There are many great tea varieties in the world and I enjoy as many as I possibly can.

Recently, I was sent Blue of London, Earl Gray tea from my daughter. Quite honestly, I was amazed. The tea had a wonderful delicate, yet deeply satisfying taste and the fragrance was heavenly. I have had many brands of Earl Gray, both loose leaf and in a bag, but I was absolutely shocked to find a bag tea this delicious. The bags are individually wrapped for freshness and have a generous amount of tea in each bag. You can also order this tea as loose leaf. The only negative is that it is hard to find in my area of Northern California.

For a really great cup of Earl Gray, try this one, you will not be disappointed.

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