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Bobble Water Bottle with Resuable Filter Review

Updated on July 25, 2011

Bobble: What I like about it!

I bought the Bobble water bottle with the reusable filter built in because the water I drink at home out of the tap tastes terrible and I was spending so much money on bottled water. I have used the bobble for a few days now after reading about it in Budget Travel and I feel it is worth the $9.95.

Bobble water bottles are BPA free and the filter is good for about 2 months. If you even buy one bottle of water a day out of a vending machine that is $60 a month, and you can use the Bobble for 2 months! The reusable filter solves for the taste from hard water and has improved the taste of the water for me about as much as a Brita filter does.

I found also that when you drink out of the bobble and it pulls back air through the filter, it will make a sucking noise. The noise can become irritating if you are in a quiet setting with other people but it does not bother me that much.

Small, but reduces waste

The Bobble water bottle only holds only 18.5 oz (a Coke bottle holds 20 oz) but is great to carry with you when traveling, working out or at work. You can buy replacement filters for about $7.. The only thing I don't like is that is makes a noise when you drink out of it when air is pulled back into the bottle through the filter. If I squeeze the bottle too hard it leaves a permanent crease in the plastic. I washed the bottle and ran water through the filter to remove particles like you would with a Brita or Pur filter on first use.

If you are interested in the reduced waste the reusable Bobble provides it is better for the environment in reducing waste you would normally make. The Bobble is made in the USA and the plastic is recyclable.

The bottle is not intended to filter harmful bacteria out of water, so if you are traveling it will not keep you from becoming ill where water quality if poor.

This Guy Gives a Good Explaination and Review


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    • profile image

      Marley 6 years ago

      Can You Put Anything Besides Water In One? I Got Mine From Old Navy For $12.50, And I Don't See The Diffrence, But Its Still Cool. So Yeah, Mines Pink. But Seriously, Can You Put Like Coke In There Or Some Sort Of Soda?

    • profile image

      heather 6 years ago

      I absolutely love my bobble.. I have a large version and a smaller version for my kids. water tastes great. better than bottled to me.

    • profile image

      Will 6 years ago

      I hate the bobble. The water tastes just as bad (or worse) than when it comes out of the tap. It doesn't seem fresh. It may be "cleaner" but it tastes just as dirty and I would rather just buy a Dasani when I'm thirsty because it tastes amazing.

    • stunnercold profile image

      stunnercold 6 years ago from Dubai

      Is bottle water really that different from tap water? I've come across some experimental evidence which shows that harmful contaminants routinely find their way in bottled water!

    • profile image

      obione 6 years ago

      If you like bobble water, and pay $19 bucks for it, then you should try something better..try H20cartidges that you just have to put into a standard quart water bottle,

      and it will convert and transform tap water into a healthy, alkalized,negative ionized(anti-oxidant), mineralized, and reduced water clusters(for easy hydration into your body, and on top of that, it eliminates chlorine in the water, the taste and smell is gone...H20makes your tap water into mineral water that is good for your health..and smooth tasting.

      Try the H20 cartidge, and see how your body will feel good..Tap water is strictly regulated, there are no heavy metals, the only hideous thing is the taste and

      smell of chlorine that bobble's carbon filters removes..

      and H20 cartridge is good for 240refills of a quart bottle, or up to three months and you can fill from any tap water and use it as you only costs $10+pnp..

      you go..and it only cost $10each

    • profile image

      bobblegeek 7 years ago

      I absolutly LOVE my bobble bottle. Its save sooo much time n energy to go and get bottled water. I would definitely recommend people to buy it

    • profile image

      annonoymus 7 years ago

      I love my bobble water bottle. Its the best thing ive ever used. And i love how it helps the eviornment

    • profile image

      meyeco 7 years ago

      Will the replacement filter fit standard PET bottle screw threads (ie, pepsi)? Also, can the replacement filter be refilled, or is this a disposable replacement?