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Bodum - Make a Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Updated on March 12, 2010

by John Davidson Vancouver, Canada

The beans, the grind and the coffeemaker are the trinity of an outstanding cup of Java. Which coffee-maker is the question of the day? I talked to a couple of well-respected baristas on Granville Island in Vancouver to find out their fave.

The surprise winner is the Bodum French coffee press.

Baristas at the Agro Cafe on Granville Island in Vancouver use an 8-cup Bodum coffee press when their $10,000 Clover Coffee Machine breaks down Clover Coffee Machine. James, the owner of another coffee shop on Vancouver Island sings the praises of the Bodum, too. Why is the Bodum so well respected.

The reason is the coffee the French press produces is heavier and densely flavored due to the sediment and oils present. All of which are trapped by paper filters and never make it to your cup. The oils give subtle aroma and notes to the flavor. If you take your coffee with milk or cream and sugar you won't notice the difference as much, Try sipping a little coffee black to see the difference in flavor

The paper filter in a drip coffee makers catches most of the oils and sediment destroying the subtle aromatic notes that distinguish one coffee from another. Instead you get a muddy and flat-tasting brew.

Flavor aside, the advantages of the Bodum are its portability and simplicity, It slips easily into a back-pack on trips and doesn't require any electricity. To my eye, there is even an elegance to the design,

Bodum offers several sizes from 12 ounces to 32 ounces. And an incredible variety of different models differentiated only by ornamental casings. All of the internals and even the glass beakers are seem exactly the same. So let either your budget or aesthetic sense drive your choice.But every kitchen should have a Bodum.

::Making your perfect cup::

For 16 ounces of coffee I like to use 3 table-spoons of fresh beans - my current favorite beans come from the Ethical Bean Coffee Company 1315 Kootenay Street, Vancouver BC. Boil the water but let the water sit for a few minutes after boiling so you don't shock the beans. Be sure to warm your cup with some of the boiled water so your coffee won't cool off as quickly.

10 seconds gives me just the right grind with a Braun electric coffee grinder. Too coarse a grind and you're wasting coffee. Empty the ground coffee into your Bodum, and add the boiled water. The grounds like to float on top, so be sure stir with something (I like to use a chopstick) to mix the grounds in well with the water. Now wait exactly 4 minutes. Using just the weight of your hand, push the plunger down. And finally pour out your freshly brewed coffee and enjoy.

There should be about a teaspoon of fine sediment in the bottom of your cup when you finish!


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    • Kaffeeschnueffler profile image

      Jack 4 years ago from Zuerich, Switzerland

      .....and dont forget the water...... :-))

      well, I am NOT just kidding. Unfortunately, the human race is handling one of its most lifesustaining resources in a terrible contemptuously way. Safe our water = save our lifes!