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Bone Broth Extravaganza!

Updated on October 13, 2017

Bone broth is incredible popular amoungst many foodies, particularly on paleo blogs, such as NomNomPaleo or The Paleo Leap. Although it can sound rather unappetising, it is renowned for it's significant health benefits, and is quite the comfort food.

As the result of having a bit of a stressful week, followed by not eating and sleeping enough on the weekend, I got sick. I was the embodiment of a glorious concoction of snot and phlegm fountain, with a dash of aggravated asthma. I was written off for the week for training and I may or may not have napped a couple of times on the floor of the gym between classes when I was there by myself.
I'm normally not sick for a very long time, so being sick for that amount of time was frustrating. I find it really difficult to sit still for that long. So, as I'm wary about taking cold + flu medicine, and cooking is way more fun, I decided to make myself some bone broth.
I'd heard it's pretty much the Gandalf of remedies in the health food world. And after a googling for about 3 minutes, I found it was extremely easy to make. So here are the steps to do so...

Step 1 - Get some bones.
I bought some beef brisket bones from Coles. I also used some leftover bones from a lamb roast I made earlier in the week. I HIGHLY recommend using these bones!

Step 2 - Chuck 'em in a slow cooker.
Put all the bones together in a slow cooker (or pressure cooker if that is your jam. The time to cook will be much different though. If this is you, you will need to use google as I cannot help you here yet my friend). Cover them with cold water until the bones are submerged, and add a couple of splashes of apple cider vinegar. Place the lid back on and cook on a low simmer for 6 hours.

Yep! It's that easy. BUT WAIT there's more!
Thankyoooou to the lady at Mrs Watsons for suggesting to me in my phlegmy funk to add more ingredients to make a soup out of it.

Step 3 - Chop up some more thaaaangs and slap it in the slow cooker.
I chopped up some chicken thigh and threw it in after the bones had been simmering for 5 hours. I then put whole (small) tomatoes, button mushrooms, some chopped celery stalks, parsley, coriander, and spices in.

Step 4 - Leave for as long as you'd like!
I started cooking at 1:30pm, and turned the cooker off at about 11:30pm. I then left it on a low heat. Feel free though to continue to let it cook! I think next time I might leave it overnight to let it break down more of the thick roast bones.

Final verdict- Bone broth is delicious! It is much better with the extra ingredients added, however. Next time I will add lemon, as well as more spices. I enjoyed it with some white rice (medium grain). The taste is also quite mild, so if you are recovering from a stomach bug etc, this would be great. This recipe makes heaps, so feel free to freeze some for later, or share it with family and friends!
Bone broth will not make you healthy like rest and sleep will, but it definitely helps.

What are your bone broth experiences? Please let me know if you try making it!!


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