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Bonfire Night Cocktail Drinks Recipes for Burns Night, Guy Fawkes Cocktails

Updated on July 25, 2017

Flaming Cocktail Drinks

Guy Fawkes night cocktail drinks recipes.

Guy Fawkes cocktail recipes can make a party into a memorably lavish event that will be remembered until next year. Bonfire cocktails are dedicated to celebrating the opportunity to blow up local governments and do away with red tape and laws which are outdated.

For Cocktail Recipes For Children with no alcohol, please follow this free link.

Free Link For Flaming Cocktail Recipes.

To give a short history lesson. Over four hundred years ago Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up King James, (the 1st,) during the opening ceremonies at the House of Parliament in London. His plot was foiled.

He was arrested, taken to the tower of London, tortured and stretched on the rack. He was then hung, drawn and quartered and his decapitated head was displayed for all of London to see on traitors gate.

Today, every year in Britain, the 5th of November is celebrated with fireworks, bonfires and parties to commemorate this event in history

These are some of the most popular Burns Night or Bonfire Night cocktail drinks recipes.

Firework ( Flaming Cocktail Drink )


2 shots whiskey, sugar for sweetening, 1.5 oz boiled water, lemon garnish


Pour the whiskey, water, and sugar into a cup with a handle. Light the mixture carefully. Use another heat resistant cup and pour the contents back and forth into the cups, whilst alight, 3-4 times. Finally, pour the contents into another cup with the lemon peel and smother the flame. Down the drink in one go.

Burning Fawkes


1 pint glass full of beer or lager, Amaretto, over proof rum or Sambuca


Fill a shot glass three quarters full with Amaretto, top off with Sambuca. Fill a 1 pint glass with lager. Set alight to the Sambuca shot glass and literally drop into the pint glass. Drink immediatley.

*Many cocktail recipe books will have different names for certain cocktails

Dynamite ( shot drink )


Jack Daniels, Sambuca


Pour 1 shot of Jack Daniels and 1 shot of Sambuca into a cocktail shaker. Add some ice and shake vigorously. Pour into shot glass and enjoy.

Soaring Rocket


2 Shots Bourbon ( or old Whiskey ), 1 shot Vodka, 1 oz ( approx ) orange juice, 1 oz ( approx ) sweet and sour mix.


Add all contents into a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and shake very well. Pour into a tall glass. Add orange slice and sparkler for decoration.

*Party supplies companies will sell sweet & sour mixes cheaply

B52 ( Shot Drink - very warming )


Drambuie, Baileys Irish Cream


3/4 fill shot glass with Drambuie, Top off with Baileys Irish Cream by pouring over a spoon to create a layer. Drink in one go.

Firework Display ( Excellent icebreaker at parties )


Test tubes, Baileys Irish Cream, Drambuie, White Rum


1/3 fill a test tube with White Rum, slowly add Drambuie till 2/3 full, top of with Baileys Irish Cream.

* The test tubes can be filled with any type of drink. For visual effect, it is better to have a combination of two or three different drinks for colour visualisation.

Catherine Wheel


1 shot Tequila, 1 shot White Rum, 2 squirts pineapple juice, 2 squirts grapefruit juice, 4 ice cubes


Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously, Pour into tumbler, serve with thin straw. decorate with pineapple wedge / chunk and parasol.

Roman Candle


1 shot Vodka, 2 shots peach schnapps, 2 shots Kahlua, 5 shots orange juice


Into a tall glass place in order: 3 ice cubes, vodka, peach schnapps, kahlua, orange juice. Do not stir. Add a straw and a parasol for decoration. Serve and drink.

Add your own cocktail drinks recipes.

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