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Book Review – Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry

Updated on November 27, 2008

Are you looking for a way to navigate the holiday season – or any other time of year -- without busing your diet? If so, consider adding Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry to your personal library. This fun and factual book is packed with recipes, dining suggestions, and tips for smart eating penned by best selling author duo, sisters Janet and Greta Podleski.

This book is funny and enjoyable read, yet packed with valuable information about proper nutrition and healthy eating habits, along with terrific recipes. The book emphasizes the basic facts of how we should eat that often get lost in the massive publicity surrounding the latest diet crazes.

Nowhere in the pages of Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry will you see anything that vaguely resembles a fad diet. Instead, what you'll find is information that can help you make the consistent, healthy choices  that can have a major impact over the long haul.

It's a fact that eating less and moving more remains the "secret" of true weight loss. The back to the basics approach espoused in Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry reminds us that calories do matter and the sizes of the portions we consume – no matter what we are eating – really do make a difference in our health and weight.

About Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry

Published in an easy to read format, Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry is pakced with healthful recipes, cartoons, cooking tips, facts about healthy living presented in an amusing way, and much more. The book is organized by type of recipe, beginning with snacks and appetizers, and also including sections focusing on salads, soups, meatless entrees, poultry dishes, seafood recipes, entrees made with meat, side dishes, dessert, and more.

Favorite Recipes from the Book

The recipes in Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry are simple to prepare and are presented with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Some of the best recipes I've tried from the book so far include:

  • Chicken Littles (Bacon wrapped chicken bites with an Asian flair)
  • Just Stew it (Beef stew with rosemary seasoned dumplings)
  • Rome on the Range (Soup made with roasted tomatoes, red peppers, and mini meatballs)
  • The Big Dipper (Layered shrimp dip with vegetables)

About the Authors

Canadian sisters Janet and Greta Podleski  began writing together in 1995, when the two paired up to create a funny, yet educational book about low fat living. Looneyspoons: Low-Fat Food Made Fun, hit the national bestseller list in 1996. The duo published Crazy Plates: Low-Fat Food So Good, You'll Swear it's Bad for You, followed by Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry in 2005. Their publishing company, Granet Publishing, is based in Ontario.                


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  • Princessa profile image

    Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

    Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry sounds great. Wait a minute... did you say "shrink"? Is that possible? Now this book deserves a read and arrives just at the right time of the year. Thanks for the review and be Merry :)