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Book Review: Baby Bites

Updated on March 11, 2011

Books by Bridget Swinney

Do you wish you knew more about the best way to approach making wise food selections for babies and toddlers? If so, Baby Bites is a book that you’ll likely find to be very helpful.

Written by Registered Dietician Bridget Swinney, this book is a comprehensive resource that’s packed with useful information. You’ll find just about everything there is to know about how to feed babies and toddlers in this useful, easy-to-read publication.

About Baby Bites

Baby Bites is both a cookbook and a nutritional guide. When you read Baby Bites , you can expect to learn important facts about feeding children from the time they are born through the first three years of their lives. The book helps parents and caregivers understand both the how and the why of making wise food choices on behalf of the children they are charged with caring for.

Baby Bites starts out with information about breast feeding and bottle feeding and moves on to cover puréed foods for babies, appropriate foods once teething begins and moving on to solids. It provides information about the nutritional needs of children as they progress from infancy through the various stages of development they experience on the path to becoming active toddlers.

The book also provides practical recipes that parents and caregivers can use to prepare delicious foods that are appropriate for their kids. Rather than having to wonder how to properly prepare appropriate meals for babies and young children, when you have this book you’ll have access to recipes designed specifically with their nutritional needs and taste preferences in mind.

Using the tips and information provided in Baby Bites can help you make sure that your child develops healthy eating habits that will serve him or her well throughout their lives. Whether you read this book before your child is born or if you pick it up after you’ve already started facing the challenge of making food choices that have the potential to determine how healthy your child will be throughout his or her lifetime, you and your child will benefit from what you learn.

About the Author

Bridget Swinney is a Registered Dietician and is a Registered Dietician. She is a professional nutritional consultant working in the field of publish health and health communications and has written extensively about the subject of proper nutrition for children. She is the author of two other books: Eating Expectantly and Healthy Food for Healthy Kids .

Special thanks to Meadowbrook Press and KSB Promotions for providing me with an opportunity to review this book.  


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