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Book Review – Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining

Updated on December 18, 2010

Do you find the idea of entertaining to be appealing, but also somewhat intimidating? Are you looking for a book that can provide you with inspiring and practical ideas for home entertaining? If so, you’re sure to be pleased with Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining by Patricia Lewis Mote.

This informative book is packed with great menu ideas and recipes that are designed with the needs of busy people who want to entertain at home in mind. Whether you’re planning to host social or business events in your home, Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining is an excellent resource that you’re sure to put to good use.

About the Author: Patricia Lewis Mote

Patricia Lewis Mote, author of Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining , has serious entertaining experience. Her husband served as president of the University of Maryland from 1998 – 2010. As the wife of a university president, Mote hosted a number of dinner parties, gatherings and special events every week. Over the years, she developed a passion for coming up with menus built around fresh, seasonal produce and other top quality ingredients and adding a personal touch to the presentation and table settings. She shares the benefit of her experience and expertise with readers in Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining .

About Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining

Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining is a go-to guide for home cooks who want menu suggestions and recipes for dinner parties of with up to 16 guests. The next time you’re having a dinner party, simply flip through the book until you find a menu that you like. The menus include recipes for each suggested dish, beverage suggestions and even ideas for appropriate flower arrangements and décor. The book is enhanced by more than 50 lovely photographs of some of the most appetizing dishes.

Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining is organized into nine sections, each of which has four seasonally appropriate menu options. Examples of the menus you’ll find in the book include a Fall Barbecue, French Dinner, Mexican Fiesta, Spring Buffet Lunch and many others.

There are more than 200 recipes in Great Menus: Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining, each one organized by menu. Each of the recipes is simple to make and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions are provided. There are many options, ranging from exotic international fare to child-friendly meals perfect for family gatherings. There are seasonal and theme suggestions, carefully selected to utilize fresh, seasonal produce and herbs.

You’ll be prepared to host any type of dinner party that interests you when you rely on the recipes and ideas presented in this book.


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