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Book Review: The CIG to Wine & Food Pairing

Updated on August 22, 2010

Do you wish you knew how to select the best wine match for your meals?

Whether you want to learn how to find the perfect bottle of wine to complement your favorite recipe or if you want to find out the secret to selecting the ideal food and wine combination in a restaurant, you're sure to find The Complete Idiot's Guide to Food & Wine Pairing to be an excellent resource.

While some books written on the topic of food and wine pairing seem to be written in a manner that only skilled sommeliers can understand, this book breaks the topic down so that those of us who don't have extensive knowledge about wine can understand it.

About the Book

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Food & Wine Pairing features four parts. The first part, "How to Taste", covers the basics of tasting wine. It provides information that can help readers learn how to develop the ability to detect flavors and aromas in food items and wines.

When you read this book, you'll also learn information that can enhance your wine tasting experiences, including tips for choosing and caring for wine glasses, suggestions for beneficial wine gadgets, and guidelines for proper serving temperatures.

The second part of the book, "Breaking It Down: Pairing Basics", you'll learn all about flavor profiles for red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and dessert wine The section also includes flavor profile information for common food ingredients, as well a various side dishes and sauces.

The third section of the book, "Putting It Back Together: Paring Principles" helps readers apply what they've learned about breaking down the nuances of foods and wines to making wide pairing selections

The fourth part of the book, "Pairing Experiences", provides helps readers learn how to decipher wine lists in restaurants as well as tips for effectively working with a sommelier. It also discusses shopping for wine and information on hosting a wine tasting party.

Additionally, information is provided on applying knowledge about pairing foods and wines to making similar decisions about other beverages, including beer and spirits as well as coffee and tea.

About the Authors

Jaclyn Stuart and Jeannette Hurt, authors of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Food & Wine Pairing are truly experts when it comes to matching food and wine and communicating their expertise to consumers with an interest in the topic.

Jaclyn Stuart is a Certified Master Sommelier with extensive professional experience in the field.

Jeanette Hurt is a professional writer and author whose work has been featured in Wine Enthusiast, Wine Adventure, Gourmet, and many other publications. She has also written several books about cheese.


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