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Book Review: The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook

Updated on October 30, 2010

Do you consider yourself a tea enthusiast? If there’s nothing you enjoy more than a hot cup of premium quality tea and you want to learn more about this flavorful beverage, you’re sure to find The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook to be quite appealing.

About The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook

Officially titled The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook: A Guide to Enjoying the World’s Best Teas , this unique and interesting book is sure to appeal to anyone who looks forward to taking a sip from a cut of piping hot premium tea any time of the day or night. Just as educational guides about wine appeal to those with a taste for top quality vino, this book does the same for those with a deep appreciation for tea.

The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook includes information that every tea lover needs to know. For example, the book discusses facts related to the best ways to approach purchasing, preparing and storing tea, as well as details about the six classes of tea (Black, Green, Oolong, Pu-erh, White and Yellow).

The book also contains a detailed glossary that is packed with important tea terminology and a buyers’ guide that is filled with suggestions for where readers might find high quality teas to purchase and try.

If you want to become knowledgeable about tea, this book is for you! After all, there’s a lot more to understanding tea than just knowing that you like the taste of what you are drinking! Find out if your favorite variety is bold and bracing, subtle and alluring or young and full of vigor! Your level of enjoyment of tea is likely to increase along with your level of knowledge on the subject.

The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook makes an excellent gift idea for any tea enthusiasts in your circle of friends, business colleague connections or family members. Consider packing a copy of the book with a selection of premium tea leaves or bags and you’ll have an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys quality tea!

About the Authors

The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook was written by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert Heiss. They have been professionals in the premium tea retail business since the mid 1970s and have spent a great deal of time studying tea, as well as writing and teaching other people about it.

The Heisses frequently host popular tea workshops and tea tastings throughout the United States and frequently write about food and travel. Their previously published books include The Story of Tea and Hot Drinks. You can learn more about their work at

Special thanks to Ten Speed Press for providing me with an opportunity to review this book.


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