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Borodinsky Rye Bread review - a delicious dark rye bread from David's Bread Inc

Updated on July 1, 2011

David's Bread Inc Borodinsky Dark Rye Bread

Borodinsky is a spicy Russian style rye bread. It is soft, moist and has rich texture and flavor.
Borodinsky is a spicy Russian style rye bread. It is soft, moist and has rich texture and flavor.

Slices closeup

Borodinsky bread has moist dark brown slices that get soft as they are toasted.
Borodinsky bread has moist dark brown slices that get soft as they are toasted.
Rye bread nutritional information
Rye bread nutritional information
Borodinsky bread label and ingredients
Borodinsky bread label and ingredients

Borodinsky Dark Rye bread review

Borodinsky is a typical Russian dark rye bread. It is not sold in most stores, although some farmer's markets and small delis around New York City have it in stock occasionally. This is because the bread is baked in the USA and then sold through wholesale distribution channels from the NYC. I'm a big fan of rye and reading about it's health benefits finally got me to start ordering this bread online. This 24 ounce loaf cost me 4$, which is comparable to other specialty breads.

Ordering. I placed an order for 5 types of black rye breads online with an intention to review them. I placed an order on Friday just before the memorial day weekend and the package was delivered on Wednesday. This is not bad, considering that these breads have a shelf life of about a week. The product arrived still fresh and soft. No signs of mold were present. 

Appearance. This Borodinsky dark rye bread comes in a brick like package with a green and orange label. Inside the package are about 17 slices. Each one measures 5"x3"x0.5". The bread is dark brownish in color. The package is all in English, with standard nutritional information included. The surface of the bread is covered in small bits of spices that I cannot identify.

Smell. Upon opening the package the bread had a rich aroma of rye and the unidentified spice. When toasted, I can only describe the smell as "good"

Taste. Borodinsky rye bread is traditionally baked with a variety of spices. It is characterized by its rich, soft and moist texture and spicy flavor. The authentic Borodinsky bread is a specialty bread and tastes really strong and is an acquired taste. This bread comes close, but the taste is a lot more "mainstream" - similar to other Russian rye breads.

Uses. This bread is intended to be eaten with a variety of dishes and complements their flavor nicely. The bread can be used for stronger tasting Reuben sandwiches. My favorite use for this rye bread is replacing the bread on a Starbucks egg salad sandwich. The bread tastes best after being toasted. Something about heat changes its flavor.

Nutritional information. Each slice of the bread is 130 calories, with only 0.5g of fat and 4 grams each of dietary fiber, sugars and protein. The rest of the calories come from carbohydrates. The entire 17 slice loaf is over 2200 calories.

Value. This loaf cost me 4$, but at 2200 calories and great taste, I think this is a good investment. A loaf like this usually lasts me 3 days.


The ordering experience has been a good one with no hassle. This is the same bread from David's bakery that I used to find locally. The significant advantage is that ordering online delivered fresh bread with no hassle. The disadvantage is the waiting time - it took about 3 days to deliver, excluding the holidays. I will continue to order this online


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