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Bowmore whisky Tasting Session Via Twitter

Updated on April 25, 2014

Bowmore Whisky


Whisky Tasting Event in a Digital Age

Once considered the domain of old kilt wearing Scots, whisky has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. It's unique and full bodied taste, as well as the luxury associated with a good dram, has made it an increasingly popular way to enjoy a drink.

Although whisky distilling is an ancient art form, whisky tasting at least has definitely entered the digital age, as proven by a whisky tasting session via twitter. It does seem a bit of a bizarre concept, but on the contrary it is a great idea, especially for whisky drinkers! They will be able to enjoy supping their favourite tipple in the comfort of their own home, which is perhaps handy since the session is taking place on a week day in order to correspond with Valentine's day.

When I partake in a wee dram of Scotch I prefer to do it at the weekend but I suppose the lucky few who won the chance to take part in the twitter whisky tasting session are seasoned whisky tasters and experts at the art. Unlike me who is, I'm afraid, years away from being considered anything even close to a whisky connoisseur, although I am a definite fan...

In other words I find it hard to stop after two glasses. Shame on me, I know! Although others who also enjoy the taste of a fine malt will not find it surprising.

The lucky participants of the Bowmore whisky tasting session consisted of 14 bloggers and industry journalists from the United Kingdom.

In partnership with Yomego (social media guru’s), the lucky connoisseur’s received a welcome whisky bouquet containing 4 Bowmore whiskies along with a Valentines card - nice to know there is whisky love going round!

Even though the main reviewers are the 14 bloggers and industry journalists the idea is based around a bit of twitter fun where anyone with a bottle of whisky at hand can participate.

The whisky tasting event started on February 13th (Valentines Eve) and has been so successful the hash tag #LoveBowmore is still gaining traction in the twitter sphere.

Should you want to join in nab a bottle of whisky and share your experience on Twitter using the hash tag #LoveBowmore.

Visit Bowmore for a Whisky Tasting Session

A markerSchool Street Bowmore, Isle Of Islay PA43 7JS -
School Lane, Bowmore, Isle of Islay, Argyll and Bute PA43 7JY, UK
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