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Bramhin's Festival Foods.

Updated on February 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Meals on Banana Leaf 20 inches wide.

Eating belly full all items is Mr.Sharma.
Eating belly full all items is Mr.Sharma. | Source

Hot Hot Meals.

This year the festivals have started with new year beginning on 3rd April and will continue till next year for all smartha bramhins in Bangalore.The first festival new year is called :-

01 - Ugadi all members of the joint family or big families will wear new clothes.Lady's will wear new silk saris and all their jewelry in their poss ion.Day starts with a oil bath,pooja to family deity and inside the kitchen they will be cooking most delicious items that are to be taken along with the main rice dish.Most of the items are served on the banana leaf or ss plates and only a few spoonful of the items are served,no body dare touch any item till the Aposhana is taken by all those who wear the sacred thread on there chest. Once that is performed announcement is made to all by the family head that all can start eating.

However there is a system and method in serving and taking the food,they are as follows:-

01 - Payasa is served first but the banana leaf or ss plate must have salt at the extream left hand corner served first before the must sweet item payasa.

02 - Kosambari.

03- Palya.

04 - 2nd type Palya.

05 - Mysore Palk.

06 -Obbattu.

07 - Bonda / Ambode / Bajji any one or all of them.

08 - Chitranna / Puliogare / Mango Rice / Vangibath / Bisibelebath.

09 - Happala.

10 - Sandige.

11 - Steaming Hot Rice.

12 - Curry / Huli / Sambar / Kootu

13 - Rasam.

14 - Minimum 2 types of sweets.

15 - Ends with Rice & Curds.

All the people eat beatle leaves smeared with little lime paste with Arcanuts & Dry Coconuts with sugar a combination that is traditional and supposed to help digestion.

If some relative was present he carries a packet of sweets.


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