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Good Breakfast Places in LA

Updated on June 16, 2013
The Rose Cafe and Art
The Rose Cafe and Art | Source

Santa Monica and Venice

Santa Monica

The Omelette Parlor

This is probably one of the best places around Santa Monica. It does what it says it does. It has breakfast there. It is in a good section there in the city. It has a good rating. It is also a chain so that is good if you are tired of trying things out. People actually walk down the street around there. It may not look very exciting to some from LA but if you want to eat breakfast there it is. To a tourist from another town or city this one could be the most normal and the most customer service oriented.


Venice has a lot of nice restaurants for easy meals down by the beach and the boardwalk.

The Rose Cafe

The Rose Cafe attracted my attention when I first came to Venice. It is such a lovely place. There are the roses outside. It also has paintings that change with the different art shows that are really artistic and great. It used to have great croissants that were large. They have changed it now. It is still pretty good. It has good coffee. Sometimes the coffee is not so good and not hot, but it is worth it for being there for awhile. It does have a brunch menu. There is a patio in the back. It is usually more quiet there than elsewhere.

The idea was that a lot of artists and writers would go here. Venice is an artist colony so they do go there.

Some of the artists were supposed to have been eating at the Jack in the Box restaurant on purpose to show how cool they are.

French Crepe Co.
French Crepe Co. | Source


Hollywood has many different breakfast places. The ones lining Hollywood Boulevard are mostly for the tourists. They have some ripoff joints there. It is not the usual type of coffee shops that people may be used to.

The Village Coffee Shop used to be great that was up near the Hollywood sign. I just read that it closed down. That is really a shame. It had some pretty great food. Someone told me that there were various stars from movies or TV that would eat there.

The French Crepe Co.

There is at the new shopping center in Hollywood a French crepe place that is really good for the money. It has different types of crepes, waffles and sandwiches. It is a partner to its other restaurant in Farmer's Market, Los Angeles. It is one way of making everyone jealous of what you are doing. There is good coffee to go with this at the coffee bar in The Farmer's Market that used to be a part of this. I will put up with their service on this one for the crepes.

The Griddle Cafe

This place is supposed to have some very good food. It is one of those places that are supposed to be great. The food looks good with large plates. It looks on its way to being creative. When I was there the music was so loud that I left. There were a lot of young people there that thought it would be cool to go there. They tend to sit there and make a lot of noise. I could have waited but I did not want to then. There are other places. It got scorned a lot on Yelp. But it does still have a good rating. It is someplace that thinks it is too cool. It has "Devil's Daydream" chocolate French toast on the menu.

Los Angeles

Doughboys Cafe & Bakery

This is another restaurant in Los Angeles that has been an in type of cafe. A lot of people in Los Angeles can go crazy over it. It is probably good food. There is most probably a wait if you go in there on the weekend. It has been talked a lot about in the past. The specialty there is red velvet cake. It is carrying a picnic basket for the Hollywood Bowl. It really does have a very interesting menu.


Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is a place that many people in Los Angeles avoid. You cannot always avoid it. There is a downtown where office workers are and the LA main public library. There are reasons to go to downtown. The railroad station is there. There are a couple of interesting places there that are good for the price.

Clifton's Cafeteria

Clifton's is a very interesting place if you crave variety and a cheap price. It is cafeteria style so that you do not have to tip. It has a woodland theme with little ponds and various adornments. It is pretty interesting to look at by itself. You will mostly be left alone there. It caters to the neighborhood and some tourists. There are restrooms that are useful in the basement.

The breakfast itself is pretty good for a cafeteria. You can get whatever you want. You just need to be sure that they understand your order.

Philippe The Original

This restaurant is at times shown on the Travel Channel. It does get lines sometimes. It has a fair breakfast that is on the cheap side. There is nothing really extraordinary about the food.There are various cafeteria items. It has French dip sandwiches. The special is that it has coffee for 10 cents. You can be left alone if you go in the other room usually. It does have a Veggie Omelette. Also it does have pretty down to earth prices.

I have made website links here for all the different restaurants and their menus.

The food is not really all that great in Los Angeles usually. That is especially true for someone from New York or San Francisco. They do tend to make a big deal over certain restaurants. It is hard to go by some of the guide books. They will lead you straight to tourist traps. I think some of the tourists rather like the traps so it does not hurt. But some people do not want to be trapped.

There are a lot of choices for food in Los Angeles. Many of the tourists are quite disappointed when they come to Hollywood. Nothing is that great for real food there on Hollywood Boulevard. There is of course somewhere to eat there. There are also Starbucks and McDonalds. You can eat in bad places if you are not careful. It could be nice friendly service or it could be terrible with a bad attitude. There are all kinds of things going on in LA.

If you go just by the guidebooks of what to do, it does not always tell you the best idea. There is just not a book that can tell you what restaurant to go to that will be the best and everyone goes there. There are a lot of different choices. What one person may like, another person may see as being a horrible place to eat at.

There is also a joke there that the more you pay for the food there, the worse it gets. Service and the atmosphere is also something to think about.

Really you need to look at the restaurant or coffee shop and see if it looks like something you would feel comfortable in. The cheap places may not be that nice to look at. Los Angeles is a different sort of city. It is not something that many people are used to. I am from New England and most people from there do not stay in Los Angeles.


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