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Salad for Breakfast

Updated on February 2, 2013

Have you tried leftovers in your salad?

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The Breakfast Salad Idea

A simple salad for breakfast?!? Several people have looked at me like they just had a tree fall on their car. While using leftovers in a breakfast salad is possibly somewhat counter cultural, there is nothing unappetizing about having a fresh salad for breakfast (As you will soon discover). All you need are the following:

  • Some lettuce, kale or spinach leaves
  • Your choice of other vegetables like celery, broccoli or carrots.
  • The assorted leftovers in your fridge
  • Some eating utensils (fork, bowl, spoon, fingers, whatever...)
  • An appetite

I like to build my salad from the top of the list down, but there is no real trick to this, just start throwing things together in a bowl!


Lettuce or Spinach?

These are the two basic leafy greens that I like to eat, both are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Spinach has a somewhat higher sodium content. Both have a good source of Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 along with a host of other minerals. Lettuce has slightly more carbs but also has less protein than spinach. A cup of shredded lettuce (47g) has about 8 calories total. A cup of spinach (30g) has about 7 total calories. Which one should you pick? Well, both are excellent choices, so go with your taste! If you can't decide, why not throw both in?


Mixed Vegetables

Here's where you can really start mixing it up! You can go with diced carrots (or leave them whole), chopped celery, a fresh tomato, kidney beens, chic peas... The possibilities are endless!!! If you want some other highly nutritious leafy greens, consider adding sprouts, which you can grow yourself! Again, the combinations are only limited by your imagination, so just start throwing it together! Now, you can stop here and sample what you've made, or venture further into the unknown....


The Leftovers...

Do you have trouble getting rid of the rest of the meatloaf, or leftover chicken from dinner two nights ago? Add it to your salad!!! By chopping up the chicken, sprinkling on some rice, or stirring in some potato, you will be able to not only empty the unwanted leftovers in the fridge, but add some zest to your salad! One of my favorites is adding in grilled chicken and then sprinkling shredded cheese on top. Need even more flavor? Just pick a dressing! Low fat ranch, vinaigrette, zesty italian; any of these can compliment your smorgasbord of veggies!

The Benefits

Besides ridding your fridge of those pesky leftovers, having a salad in the morning is simply an overall healthier choice than cereal or fried foods. It still contains all the essential proteins and minerals, without a bunch of the added processed components. Best of all, (for me anyway) it is filling but light, giving me plenty of energy throughout the morning, and I don't have to slow down to let it digest. And in most cases, its cheaper and greener (no pun intended) to have a salad. So the next time your debating on what breakfast should be, why not try of breakfast salad mixture of your own!


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    • saxrunner profile image

      saxrunner 6 years ago

      Its definitely my favorite part of the day :) Thanks!

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      Leftover salad for breakfast? Genius! I must note the nutrional value as well. I voted this up and useful!