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Brussels Sprouts Nutrition and Recipes

Updated on December 2, 2011

Do You Like Brussels Sprouts?

It probably isn't the favourite vegetable of most people but I have to admit to having a soft spot for Brussels sprouts (often spelled brussel sprouts!). Despite regularly having them overcooked into an almost unrecognisable much when I was a child, even then I still enjoyed them. Of course now, I know not to overcook them to retain all that Brussels sprouts nutrition and goodness.

So what are the main health benefits of Brussels sprouts?

As with all greens, Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin C which we all know about but also in vitamin K which helps blood to coagulate or clot efficiently. As well as this it is thought to be high in anti cancer agents and is also helpful in reducing cholesterol.

These anti cancer agents however come from a sulphur like agent which also can result in to put it politely, unpleasant gasses. This is often the reason given by people who claim not to like Brussels, however, this problem mainly occurs if the sprouts are overcooked.

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts

There are of course many ways to cook brussels sprouts and there will be some links at the bottom soon to a number of delicious Brussels sprouts recipes that you can try. However, don't limit yourself to these, they are just a small sample and you can use brussels sprouts in more recipes than you can possibly imagine.

Many years ago, mainly out of monetary necessity rather than anything else, I put some brussels sprouts into a curry, almost dreading the results but it was actually really nice. Many vegetables lose themselves in a strong curry but the strong taste of brussels sprouts worked really well in it. Interestingly a recent Afghan Curry takeaway that I had had quite a lot of sprouts in it and was also delicious.

Leftover Brussels Sprouts

So as we come to that time of the year when everyone at least tries to eat sprouts, don't just boil them to death, leave some crunch and use left overs in casseroles, curries, stir fries or even salads. It really is worth learning to love this under rated vegetable as much for the taste as the nutritious health benefits.


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    • plussize-lingerie profile image

      David Taylor 6 years ago from UK

      Unbelievable co-incidence. Was just hopping hubs and came across this one. I just wrote a hub on brussel sprouts, including a little poem, some facts in brussel sprouts, etc.

      I was inspired to do so because I actually love them - they are my favourite winter veg.

      Look forward to seeing some recipes.