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Buckeye Brewing: Martian Lager a Malty German Style Lager

Updated on May 14, 2012
Buckeye Brewing Martian Lager
Buckeye Brewing Martian Lager | Source

Buckeye Brewing is a small brewery in Cleveland, Ohio. One of only three breweries bottling in the home of the Cleveland Browns. Coincidentally, three is the number of times the Browns lost AFC championship games in the 80's! Okay...okay!! Maybe I should finally put that behind us and talk about something more beer! Buckeye Brewing's Martian Lager to be exact. Not exactly sure what the martian connection is, but Ohio is home to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the alleged home of Hangar 18. Supposedly the alien bodies from the Roswell crash were transported there and it was also the home of "Project Blue Book" an Air Force study of UFO sightings. I really don't think the Martian on the bottle is much of a threat, he is drinking three Hippie IPA's at once! Unless he is an angry drunk!?

Angry drunk Martian?
Angry drunk Martian? | Source

Alien Research

No Specifics on the bottle other than it is 22 ounces of Malty German Style Lager

Time to get my favorite opener and remove the cap so we can see what this eccentric looking, Gene Simmons tongued Martian is all about.

deep golden lager
deep golden lager | Source

The pour brings a deep golden brew that presents a slightly toasty white, one finger head. The head doesn't hang around long though so look at it quick!

The aroma is slightly pungent and malty sweet. Overall pleasant and what I would expect from a German lager.


Light to medium mouthfeel and body. It is malty sweet on the front of the tongue with some hops crispness coming through on the aftertaste. Overall well balanced and drinkable. It seems like the overall sweetness increases as I get into the beer.

what a pair!
what a pair! | Source


All in all good beer. This is perfect for the person who likes good beer but is not too adventurous I lived in Bavaria for several years and I would say this is a Munich Helles in a Marzen's body. Easy drinking at $6.99 a 22 oz. bottle here in Ohio. A good refreshing beer for a hot summer night on Lake Erie.

Musical Pairing: Joe Satriani's "Surfing with the Alien". I can imagine this laid back Martian hanging out with the Silver Surfer on Lake Erie doing a little fishing. The Surfer is kind of uptight and could probably use a couple Martian Lagers to chill out a little.

Martian Lager
Martian Lager | Source


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