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Butterfly Ice Cream Parlour and Cafe

Updated on May 5, 2012
Outside | Source
Ice cream
Ice cream
Butterflies around the stairs
Butterflies around the stairs

Tried and Trusted

Isn’t Butterfly a lovely name for a café? The fact that there are symbols of its name all over the interior is rather lovely. Where can you find this little gem? In the sixth district not far from Oktogon you can find Butterfly at 20 Teréz krt.

Me, Myself and I were in need of some caffeine and sugar before going to the Művész cinema. Butterfly was a perfect place to pop into to spend the half hour before our film started. It’s quite a small café where perhaps you wouldn’t want to spend a couple of hours but it was perfect for our need on that particular Friday evening.

As we entered we looked at the sweet cabinet and selected our cakes. Between us we had a Cardinal meringue cake a Triple Choc cake and Carrot cake. The first two were delicious and wonderful. The carrot cake was not the best I have ever had but I certainly didn’t leave any. The cost of the cakes was below average but the quality wasn’t, so represented good value for money. There were a couple of nice touches with the cakes, one was that we got a nice serviette wrapped cake knife and fork with each cake. Often we like to share our cakes and have a bit from each. Having a knife makes that less messy than usual. The serviette is branded with the company name and of good quality rather than the thin little things that are often placed under cakes and which are therefore of no use at all. Top marks for both of these nice touches.

We had three different kinds of coffee - a Cappuccino, a Latté and an Affogato (Espresso with ice cream). No additional water with this but we had a choice of both white and brown sugar and another really nice touch was the little additional jug of warm, frothed fresh milk. Me had water as well which was poured out for her, rather than just plonked on the table. The service was excellent, by helpful and attentive staff.

This venue is also famous for its ice cream and has been around as an ice cream parlour for a long time. The small but comfortable upstairs seating area is a much more recent change to this venue. It works. While the Social Café further up the road has come and gone in the blink of an eye, Butterfly has transformed into a lovely little café that comes highly recommended, offering a cosy atmosphere and good value for money.


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