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Buy Chili Online

Updated on March 19, 2011

Buy Chili Online

Chili varies wildly throughout the world, but many varieties can be ordered online. There's no need to travel the world in search of exotic combinations. Chili from the heart of Texas bears some resemblance to chili from Chicago: look for a plethora of chili concoctions and con carnes throughout the Internet. We offer a sampling of sumptuous chili combinations.

Some chefs add beans to their recipe. Other gourmands include spicy ingredients intended to cause gastronomic distress to unsuspecting eaters. Is there a standard definition for 'chili'? Must it have meat, spices, and tomato sauce? Are additional adjuncts, such as crackers or noodles, not legally obligated? We can't find any rules written in stone: try a little of each and let us know.

Nong Shim Doong Ji Cold Noodles in Chili Sauce

Who are we to judge? Without question it's still chili even when intertwined with Korean noodles. Nongshim, whose corporate motto is "Taste NongShim / Feel the Happiness", makes their chili powder with Korean pears as a primary ingredient. Taste the traditional Korean flavor and savor the air-dried noodles.

Kay's Naturals Protein Chips

The best kind of protein is without question natural protein: no Tour De France rider or NFL defensive lineman ever got suspended for using natural protein. These crunchy chips are flavored with chili powder and nacho cheese: it's a meal in a bag.

Cincinnati Chili

For obvious reasons, Cincinnati chili rests comfortably atop the chili heap. Folks travel from as far away as Kentucky and Indiana to partake of the special Cincinnati recipe at authentic Cincinnati chili parlors. Add a bowl of oyster crackers and a Diet Dr. Pepper to create one of the world's great fast food lunches. These mixes are pure vegetarian: feel free to add meat for your carnivore customers, or serve it up as-is to please your PETA pals.

Campbell Chunky Firehouse Hot & Spicy Chili

Everyone in a firehouse knows how to cook, but only the most experienced firehouse chefs can make authentic firehouse chili, until now. The Campbell Company leveraged their legendary knowledge of soup technology and firehouse recipes to produce this hot and spicy concoction. Look for the the microwavable bowls and the durable steel cans, but don't confuse the two because you might end up calling an authentic fire department.

Dave's Insanity Ghost Pepper...

Dave evidently has an affinity for hot sauce. He longs to share his passion with an online audience. To that end, the Dave's Gourmet company from Costa Rica offers a variety of heat delivery systems, all of which complement any variety of Cincinnati chili. The Naga jolokia pepper is sometimes referred to as a "ghost pepper", but regardless of your pronunciation, Dave's recipes will have your upper lip sweating. A fire extinguisher with a current inspection certificate is required to order the 1 gallon size. Just kidding: we are simply caught up in the hotness craze.

Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Tiki' Officially Licensed Pendant Necklace

Seminal basement grunge underground garage rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers set the standard for all other basement grunge underground garage rock bands, but little is known about their predilection for chili. We surmise that they settled on their stage name as an homage to the hotness of the 'chili pepper', hoping that such hotness would rub off on them, but not in their collective and individual eyes because that would make it difficult to read the set list.

Chili Pepper Costume

Dress up your precious babies in chili pepper costumes. Halloween provides an excuse to swathe children in red fabric and green hats: any other time of the year is also fine, but free stuff comes pouring in during that special day of the year. No homeowner can resist emptying the candy dish into the bag of a cute little pepper cradled in her parent's arms. This might a ghost pepper: that somehow seems apropos for Halloween.


Chili gear is available online. Load up on the hot stuff and chow down.


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    • nicomp profile imageAUTHOR

      nicomp really 

      7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @Tom Whitworth: Chili and The Darvons!

    • Tom Whitworth profile image

      Tom Whitworth 

      7 years ago from Moundsville, WV


      I made home made Five Alarm Chili at my house once, and the whole family needed bath towels to wipe the sweat off their brows, but it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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