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Fun and Funky Limited Edition Coca Cola Souvenirs

Updated on July 24, 2014

Coca Cola was first invented by Doc Permberton in 1886, in a backyard kettle.

Since that first invention, coke has come a long way!

It's now known as the bubbly and refreshing drink that millions of people love.

There is even the suggestion that Santa Claus had his most recent colors of white and red based on this well known brand.

And for those who love all the different styles and flavors, they are now available to buy online, with delivery to your door!

Below you'll find some samples of what is available to buy online in the coca cola range.

From flavored drinks through to coke fridges and even coke merchandise such as shirts, clocks and shakers, you'll find it here, in the well known red and white colors!

Coca Cola Cans & Bottles

Chances are that even if you love coke, there are still flavors and designs you have yet to see.

Coke is available in several basic types including - zero, diet and standard.

It also comes in a range of flavors including cherry, lime and vanilla.

And just in case that isn't enough for you - you can also buy it in cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and even aluminium bottles!

Coca Cola Fridges

If you love the coca cola brand or simply want somewhere to store the maximum amount of coke cans in the smallest space - there are fridges made to suit your needs!

From the mini fridge that stores just six cans through to the large fridges perfect for a man's garage there are all types available.

And if you want something that's just a bit more unique, there are fridges shaped like coke bottles or even coke cans.

Of course if you own a large business, there are also extra large commercial fridges available - there's a size to suit everyone.

Coca Cola Merchandise

Coke is an iconic figure with over 100 years of history.

If you love the old style coca cola items including glass bottles, signs and salt & pepper shakers, look no further!

If you simply want a fun logo on your glasses or even a pack of cards, those are also available.

Not only do these add a touch of vintage or uniqueness to your house, they're also a great option for your shop or old style diner.

You'll be amazed how many awesome coca cola products are around - you may even find some if you start digging through old family storage boxes.

Coca Cola Vintage Prints

Extend your collection of Coca Cola souvenirs with a vintage print of poster. Definitely a collectors item!


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    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      As a former employee of Coca-Cola I enjoyed this hub. Might I caution you, however, that the Google Adsense people may see it fit to consider Coca-Cola and any links to their products as promoting obesity in this country, and therefore they may find the links questionable...

      Hated to come in with the slippery slope idea...but that's really the other issue I was talking about in my farewell message to the site. Which, by the way, I of course decided to stick around.

      Much more fun to be a pill. :)

      Keep on hubbing and I'll have to stop around your place more often.