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Buy Eat N Park Smiley Cookies Online

Updated on August 4, 2010

Eat N Park Smiley Cookies - Now available online

I was remembering when I was in college and all of the junk food or college restaraunts and college foods that I loved.  This was in Pittsburgh PA and there are tons of great places to eat from Primanti Brothers to Mad Mex in Oakland to the O for fries and about a million other things.  The one place that I think every student who went to Pitt, Carnegie Mellon University, Point Park or Duquesne or any other school lived off of was Eat N Park. 

Eat N Park was a local Pittsburgh chain restaurant that not only spread like wild fire, but also offered great dinner styled food, but in a classy way.  The Squirell Hill one was famous for its late night breakfast buffets and the one in Dormont for its coffee and late nights after things like The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  At the Waterfront location people would enjoy the old look and feel while having a milkshake and the angus burgers.  At the end of each meal though everyone would be excited for probably the most famous thing besides their strawberry pie, the Eat N Park Smiley Cookie. 

Eat N Park Smiley Cookies are world famous.  They are these sugar cookies covered in icing and then decorated with different colored icing to make smiley faces.  We used to buy eat n park smiley cookies all the time for parties and for snacks because they were not only affordable but they were also good.  At halloween they would use candy corn for eyes and noses and during Easter they would do rabbit shaped eat n park smiley cookies.  Eat N Park made their restaurants famous with their memorable and fun to eat smiley cookies and when I saw that they launched a website where you can buy eat n park smiley cookies online and have them shipped to you, I had to share them with you. 

I remember sitting with my friends and eating the mushroom and swiss burger or ordering the Turkey Santa Fe sandwhich and my friends would always get the fries with the homemade ranch dressing.  Other people loved the meat sauce and would order the chicken parmesan with fries or their other famous burger which for some reason I cannot remember what it was called.  At the end of the meal, everyone would always get one of three desserts.  The chocolate chip cookie sundae, the oreo or strawberry pie or my favorite the Eat N Park Smiley Cookie. 

Seeing them selling Eat N Park Smiley Cookies online not only brought back even more college memories but it made my mouth start to water.  Everyone had a favorite food in college or as a kid and Eat N Park had one of my favorite foods.  I highly recommend you order or buy eat n park smiley cookies online if you have never had them before and if you have had them then there is no reason to recommend them because you are probably already ordering.  These cookies are amazing and I personally lived off of them for years.  If you have ever tried them or want to share your memories of Eat N Park, please feel free to leave a comment below. 


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