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Ways to Save Money Buying Groceries Online - Food Deals - Coupon Codes - My Own Experiences

Updated on April 5, 2009

When I discovered sales, coupon codes and clearance price sections in the Grocery area of, I decided to test buying groceries online. On this page, I've given some of my own personal experiences with buying food online and details about some of the specific items that I tried.

Amazon doesn't have grocery clearance sales all the time but when they do, you can save big on food and other grocery items. They have coupon code sales often (these are limited time and change regularly to new coupon codes).

Example of a Coupon Code:

Here is an example of a coupon code that you could use to save money on a food item at Amazon:

You can get 15 percent off when you buy any eligible Celestial Tea products that are offered by Amazon for use with the Promotional Coupon Code CELEST33 when you check out at Amazon (applies only to products offered at Amazon Grocery online). Further details about this offer can be read at Amazon (see Sales & Special Offers in the Grocery section on their site to see which items are eligible and to read other details).

Why Buy Groceries Online?

Pros of Buying Groceries Online

  • Shop From Comfort of Home Anytime of Day or Night - Groceries Delivered to Your Door
  • Easy Search Options to Find Sales, Coupon Codes, Clearance Prices
  • Easy Search and Sorting Options to Find a Specific Grocery Item
  • Save on Gas, as Opposed to Driving to a Store
  • It's a Plus When an Online Grocery Source Offers Free Shipping. At Amazon, Most Groceries are Eligible for Free Shipping with $25 Minimum Order
  • My Experience With Amazon is That They Have Great Customer Service if a Problem Should Arise With An Order

I've purchased many food items through Amazon and received everything fine, in good condition, except one item. I found that their customer service was great on the item that was received as damaged in shipping. I logged in to my account, chose that order from the list in my account, reported the problem with that specific item, which generated a page with a prepaid postage label to use for returning the item. I could choose to have the item replaced or get my money back. I found that it was an easy process to report and return a damaged item.


  • You don't have the items immediately; there is a wait during delivery time. However, this is not a problem with a little planning ahead on items that you will use later. When you find items you want at sale or clearance savings, the savings can offset the wait to receive the items. I've received orders in as few as three days and as long as two weeks after I placed an order online at Amazon.
  • Generally, to get the best grocery savings, you can't buy just one of a grocery item. At Amazon, the grocery items are sold in a multiple of each item, anywhere in a range of 2 of one item to a whole case of 12 of an item. However, this works for items that you or your family use regularly.

Some Foods I Have Purchased Online - Ideas For Uses - What My Family Liked

Following are photos and details about some of the (purchased online) food items that I've tried out on my family.

Ways We Use Total Ultimate Foods (tuf brand) Three Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Sauce Mix

I had never seen this brand of sauce mix in any local grocery store. I noticed it while doing some online grocery shopping. I purchased it at Amazon Grocery, where it comes in 15.5 ounce bags and is sold in a pack of 4 bags.

My family mixes up part of a 15.5 ounce bag at a time for some uses and a whole bag at a time for other uses, adjusting the amount of water added according to how thick we want the sauce to be for that use. We've used it as a cheese sauce over broccoli (it would be good on other vegetables too), cheese on hot dogs in a bun and, of course, for mac and cheese by adding this sauce to various kinds of pasta.

This has become one of our favorites. We love the flavor and it's handy to have it on hand in the form of a mix because it takes up very little room to store and it has a long shelf life in the unopened bag.

If you use different kinds of sauces often in your cooking, you might find it useful to browse through the various other flavors of bagged sauce, gravy and soup base mixes that are available in the tuf brand at Amazon Grocery.

Total Ultimate Foods (tuf) Alfredo Sauce Mix

I purchased this food item through Amazon Grocery. This comes in a 19 ounce bag and you get 4 bags for the price listed. It has instructions for making up the whole bag at once but you can easily divide the amount of water to use for making up half a batch or one-fourth at a time.

My husband made up the whole bag at once, added cooked broccoli to the sauce and put this over 1 lb. of cooked linguine pasta. It is delicious. Using the whole bag on 1 lb. is actually more than needed but we liked it that way, with lots of creamy sauce on the linguine. You might prefer half a batch of sauce for 1 lb. of pasta, depending on your own preference.

Mixing up a batch of alfredo sauce yourself with this brand costs much less per ounce of sauce than buying ready-made alfredo sauce in jars at the local grocery store.

McCormick Brown Gravy Mix

Buying it in this 21 ounce container costs much less per ounce than buying this same gravy mix in the small packets at the local grocery store. If you use gravy often, this can be a good way to purchase gravy mix. At Amazon Grocery, it's sold in a pack of 3 of the 21 ounce plastic bottles.

My family's favorite meal, using this gravy mix, is to add cooked mushrooms and onions to the brown gravy and serve the gravy over hamburgers. Delicious!

The back label of the gravy bottle peels up to show how much water to add for mixing up different amounts of gravy, so you can make as little as one cup of gravy at a time or any larger amount that you need at once.

Old El Paso Soft Taco Bake Dinner Kit


I bought this during one of Amazon's clearance sales so it was much less than I would have paid at a local grocery store.

It comes in a case of 12 dinner kits but my family likes this product very much so I knew we would use it up before the Best If Used By date went by.

I've made it several ways: One box at a time, going by the traditional instructions on the side of the box. Two boxes for a double batch, which I've made using the recipe on the back of the box, adding kidney beans and salsa to the layers and extra shredded cheese to the top (we really like this version). I've baked the 2 box double batch in a 13 x 9 baking dish and other times in a 2 quart deep casserole dish.

We like the deep dish way the best of all. When I do the deep dish way, I sometimes have 2 - 3 soft tortilla shells leftover because I added more meat, kidney beans, salsa than needed between tortilla layers and I ran out of room in the baking dish before all the tortillas were used up. In that case, I refrigerated the leftover tortillas and used them the next day with some sort of other filling in them (warmed in the microwave).

If you like the Old El Paso brand products, you might enjoy browsing the selections of other Old El Paso food items that are available at Amazon Grocery also.


This article written by Sandi Marshall, copyright 2008 by Sandi Marshall. Per copyright law it is not to be copied, in whole or in part, to another web site, blog, ebook, print publication or elsewhere. For more information on copyright law, see


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