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Where to Buy Lychee Juice

Updated on August 15, 2011

Make Lychee Juice

Lychee Chutney Recipe

Buy Lychee Juice

Lychee is one of my favourite fruits of all fruits. It’s low in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. The fruit is filled with plenty of vitamin C, copper and potassium. As good as Lychee is, I also love drinking Lychee juice. From where I live, there isn’t much variety of brands I can choose from apart from fizzy Rubicon Lychee drink which is just as good for me. However, I am longing to find a store which sells pure bottles of Lychee juice. Many stores contain several different exotic fruit juices but none of them seem to sell any Lychee juice. Nevertheless, I have done some research and have found some online stores where you can buy Lychee juice. Hurray for that you don’t need to search anymore. However, you may prefer some offline stores to buy Lychee juice but sadly; many of them might not have Lychee juice in stock. How annoying! Let us first start off with a little bit of Lychee’s origin as well as the health benefits of drinking Lychee. For other related articles about Lychee, please visit:

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Lychee Recipes

Lychee juice can be great for several food types apart from just drinking. Lychee juice and Lychee as a fruit can be used for several dishes, desserts, breads, muffins, beverages, snacks, salads, sauces, side dishes, soup and appetizers. As you can see, there are so many types to choose from and you never know how delicious these recipes will taste. Some Lychee recipes include:

· Lychee Roll-ups

· Tropical Fruit Salsa and Chips

· Red Lotus

· Lychee Muffins

· Lychee Pudding

· Lychee Soup

· Red Slaw with Lychees

There are more Lychee recipes that you should know about and have a taste of each one. I will be writing as many Lychee recipes as I can very soon. Visit my profile to keep updated with Lychee recipes.

Benefits of Lychee Juice

Similar to Lychee, Lychee juice also has many health benefits for the human body. Moderate levels of Lychee juice can help relieve coughing, provide enough vitamin C, calcium, foliate, phosphorus and potassium. Lychee juice also helps prevent a number of different cancers and can improve a person’s vision. How good is this guys?

Origin of Lychee

Lychee grows in most parts of the Asian continent. Nonetheless, different varieties of Lychee grow around the world in places such as Australia, Israel, South Africa and Florida. China was the ideal home of the Lychee trees but they many were transferred to nearby neighbours of China such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in the earlier centuries. It had only reached Hawaii and Florida during the late 1800s but had failed to live with the harsh conditions in the winter. However, later importations were coming from the northern areas of southern China which could withstand light frost.

Where to Buy Lychee Juice

There are a number of stores online that sell Lychee juice. But I have just realized that there is a Rubicon Lychee juice which is pure. The canned version of Lychee juice is certainly fizzy. Nevertheless, they also have pure Lychee juice in boxed cartons.

1) Amazon

On Amazon, there is a 277ml pack of Rubicon Lychee juice for only £14.42. You save £2.76 from your buy and it’s in stock right now.

Out of many countries, China would be the best place to find a host of Lychee juices and drinks because China is the main home for Lychees. Some companies that make Lychee juice includes:

· Rubicon

· Xiamen Elisha Mineral Water

· Zhanjiang Sweet Food

· Foshan Happyplace Trade



· Thaiflowin



Overall, Lychee juice is probably hard to find hence why I cannot get my hands on a number of brands except for Rubicon Lychee can or Rubicon Lychee carton boxed drinks. Hopefully, you will find some relevant sources to buy Lychee drinks if Rubicon isn’t your ideal choice.


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