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Buy Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers Online

Updated on December 30, 2010

Buy Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

Looking for an Inexpensive Food Storage Solution?

Tupperware is yesterday’s news.  Rubbermaid has a complete line of innovate food storage products available at rock bottom prices. You can purchase a 24 piece set that will last for years for less than $20 online!

What makes Rubbermaid Food Storage Products so Good?

Easy find lids – this is one of those “why didn’t somebody thing of this sooner” kind of innovations.  Easy find lids snap together AND snap to container bases.  No more messy drawers full of lids.  Just snap them together then directly to the storage container they fit.  Nice, neat, organized!

Containers “Nest”… so each of the smaller sizes fits nicely into the larger sizes.  No more wasted cabinet space!  Rubbermaid has also created their containers so a single lid can fit multiple sizes of containers!  That’s good thinking!  Lids are square shapes so they do not roll away from you when you drop them, and take up less space in cabinets.

Bottoms up!  Rubbermaid food storage containers have what they call “Super-Clarified” bases… just hold them up and you can see directly into the container and view contents.

Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher safe!  People are busy and demand convenience.  Smart food storage the is easy-to-use, takes up minimum space, and is easy to clean is a clear winner.

For the ultimate home food storage consider the “Premier” line of StainShield technology which eliminates odors and stains.  Premier Rubbermaid storage containers also feature upgraded Flex & Seal™ lids.

Product Reviews courtesy Amazon:

I love this set of storage dishes. They do not take up much room in my limited cabinet space, since they all fit inside each other, and I LOVE the fact the lids lock together, so no more lids all over the place.

These are really good containers. They are a lot nicer than the "Durables" line and are BPA-free (which is important to me because I have small children*). Mine get sent to preschool and are run through microwave and dishwasher almost daily and show very little sign of wear.

Convenient Innovative Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

Enjoy low cost, versatile, innovate food storage containers from Rubbermaid
Enjoy low cost, versatile, innovate food storage containers from Rubbermaid


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