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Weber 566002 Q 220 Gas Grill Review

Updated on August 25, 2010

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“I love this grill. The cast iron cooking surface is wonderful. Plus it has hooks for holding grilling tools.”

“Even though this is supposed to be a portable grill, it’s so good that I use it as my main grill in the backyard. Very good for backyard BBQs or for BBQs at the park.”

“For such a small grill, it can easily handle a lot of burgers. Cleaning up is really easy since it has disposable drips pans.  I found this grill for a great price over at Amazon so I'm quite happy.”

"This grill makes cooking fun and enjoyable. We can cook up alot of food and all of it is very tasty. I would definitely recommend that you buy this grill.  Buy this grill online for a discount.  It's too expensive in stores."

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Are you planning on throwing a huge BBQ party but your still using that old clunky grill from 10 years ago? If you’ve used other grills before, you might have found some of them to be unreliable or of poor quality. Over the years it may have rusted over and is falling apart. If this sounds like your situation, then it’s time for you to upgrade to the Weber 566002 Q 220 Gas Grill.

The Weber 566002 Q 220 Gas Grill is one the best gas grills out there and you know this because it’s made by Weber. Weber is the leading company that makes an assortment of grills. But aside from the fact that it’s made by a reputable company, the grill has many features and conveniences which makes it a must have if you plan on throwing an impressive BBQ.

One of the conveniences about this gas grill is that it’s small enough for you to carry anywhere. Plan on going camping? Just pack that grill up in your vehicle and go. It hardly takes up any space. Yet for its portable size, it is still big enough to cook a lot of food for everyone.

Some other features about this grill include the electronic ignition. This lets you light up the grill without having to use a lighter and getting under the grill. It also has a thermometer built in it so that you can check the temperature of the food while it’s grilling. And finally the grill is made of weather resistant material so even when it’s been out in the rain or out baking in the hot sun, it’ll look like new.


  • Electronic ignition
  • Infinitely adjustable burner
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Cast aluminum lid
  • Tuck-Away work tables



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