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Weber 7519 Gas Grill Rotisserie Review

Updated on August 26, 2010

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“Bought this discount Weber 7519 Gas Grill Rotisserie on Amazon for my hubby for Father's Day - but it was a gift for the entire family! Chickens turn out moist and delicious, pork roasts are fantastic. If you can get this for sale on Amazon, then do it.  Don't buy in store.”

“This is the ultimate rotisserie. I got this Weber 7519 for sale online. I use mine several times a week. It has the right rotating speed and will always produce outstanding food. I got a good discount by buying online so I'm very happy.”

“Fits a Weber 320 and Genesis perfectly. Excellent motor, that doesn't "jump" through part of its revolution if the food is slightly off-center. Well worth the money since I got it at a cheap price on Amazon.”

"I got this rotisserie at a bargain on Amazon. So far it has worked perfectly. Just what I needed."

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Are you planning on doing some roasting this summer? If so, then you should get the Weber 7519 Gas Grill Rotisserie. This rotisserie from Weber is great for roasting a lot of food when you have many guests over. You can roast just about anything with this unit.

The Weber 7519 Gas Grill Rotisserie is very convenient piece of tool. It’s a small attachment that goes on your grill. That means you don’t need to buy a separate rotisserie unit which can be a pain to lug around. In most cases you probably don’t need a separate rotisserie unless you’re planning on having a huge party with many people. So with the Weber 7519, you can easily transform your grill to a rotisserie. It’s so easy to change that you can have roasted and grilled food at your party.

The best part about the Weber 7519 Gas Grill Rotisserie is that the motor operates smoothly and quietly. No matter how much food you got on the rotisserie, the motor is strong enough to handle it. It can handle up to 20 lbs of food if need be. The motor also turns very evenly so you won’t have part of your food cooked but another part uncooked. Your food will be evenly roasted throughout.


  • Gas grill rotisserie
  • Fits the Genesis E-300 gas grill
  • Fits the Genesis S-300 gas grill
  • Includes a heavy-duty electric motor
  • Counterbalance for smooth turning and less motor wear



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      salt 7 years ago from australia

      Great article.