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Buy a Castle Cake Pan Online

Updated on July 16, 2011

A Castle Cake Pan Makes an Amazing Cake

So, it's your little ones birthday and they want a castle cake. Not just any sort of castle cake of course but one with turrets and towers - a proper 3D castle ~ and this is where the castle cake pan comes into its own.

It is possible to make a castle cake without a castle cake tin. Judicious use of swiss rolls and ice-cream cones can turn out something that looks like a castle ~ but put it against a castle make from a castle can pan and there's no contest - the cake pan wins every time.

Of course girls want pretty castles, with pink turrets and flowers all down the walls while boys want medieval castles, ones they can imagine have dungeons in the basement and a fleet of knights ready to come charging out to go to battle - and this good news is that with a little forethought the same cake pan can be used for both.

Shopping From The UK?


Find Great Castle Cake Tins at


Nordic Ware Castle Cake Tin

Take the Nordic Ware Castle Bundt Pan for instance. Cover it in white or pink fondant or buttercream, trail a few flowers down the walls, put a silver knocker on the door and some flags in the turrets and you have a perfect princess castle.

On the other hand cover it in dark grey with a wooden front door and maybe a few fondant heads on poles on top of the turrets and you have every boys dream birthday cake.

It's like 2 for the price of one.

Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set

 Another great option is the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set which includes turrets and towers of varying heights, with peaks and other peices that can all be attached to a regular cake ~ which means you get all the drama of the end result with none of the hassle.

The pieces are white but can easily be coloured either by covering then in sugarpaste or using edible lustre sprays. The advantage of using edible sprays is that they will wash of afterwards so the kit can be reused.

Other Castle Cake Tins

For a simpler cake why not use a 2D castle novelty cake pan.

The give a great outline impression of a castle and are less fiddly to decorate.


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