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Buy a Muddler Online - Mojito Muddler

Updated on July 6, 2011

Do I Need a Muddler?

If a cocktail recipe calls for muddling, the simple answer is: Yes!

Many people find themselves searching the kitchen for an impromptu muddler halfway through their party, sizing up all sorts of objects, hoping to get lucky and perform a muddle of sorts.

Most people aren't going to be using a muddler on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, but for only a few dollars you can have one ready for when the need arises.

Metal Muddler

Types of Muddler

Muddlers are simple tools.

They are essentially long handles with a head that has a rough surface to assist in the muddling process.

Traditional muddlers are made of wood with a rounded top for comfort. You should avoid any with a lacquer coating that may chip off into your drink. Wood muddlers are popular in cocktail bars where the "well worn" look seems to add to the authenticity of the establishment.

Stylish steel muddlers are more popular for use at home. They look great and work well. The muddling head is typically made of silicone or nylon and won't scratch your glassware or cocktail shaker.

Mojito Muddler

 Muddlers are much better known thanks to the popularity of the Mojito. If you are going to have a go at making your own, remember that length counts.

To enable you to muddle in a variety of glasses, you need a long muddler. Nothing is more annoying than continuously hitting your knuckles on the rim of a glass. Many cocktail glasses are tall so save yourself the hassle and get a long muddler.

Metal Muddler

This stainless steel muddler is dishwasher safe and long enough to muddle in Mojito glasses.

It is perfect for a stylish cocktail party - if you and your guests look glamorous, this attractive muddler will fit in nicely.

The top is rounded to fit in the palm of your hand, and the black silicone head is functional and gentle on glass.

Perfect Wood Muddler

There are many wood muddlers on the market but the vast majority fall short in two key areas:

1) They are way too short. Mojito glasses are tall and a 6, 7 or 8 inch muddler isn't going to get the job done. This muddler is 10 inches, as it should be

2) Treated wood / lacquer: Don't forget you are going to drink what your muddler works on. Any wearing away of coatings or chipped lacquer ends up inside you or a guest. This muddler is untreated cherry wood so avoids these problems.

The Budget Muddler

This stainless steel muddler is 10 inches long to ensure use with any glass or cocktail shaker.

It too is dishwasher safe, and the 1 inch diameter textured head will muddle with ease.

At less than $10 it is a great value for money product.

Muddler Demonstration Video

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How to use a Muddler

Muddler Demonstration

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Wood Muddler

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