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Buy a Tinkerbell Cake Topper Today

Updated on July 10, 2011

Have a Tinkerbell Cake Topper For your Cake

A Tinkerbell cake topper is the perfect finish to a cake for a fairy loving child.

Tinkerbell, the mischievous little fairy from Peter Pan, has been weaving her magic over children for years and for many she is, and always will be, their favourite fairy.

Fairies themselves are a perennial favourite theme for kids birthday parties and what better way to spread a little more fairy magic around than with a Tinkerbell cake complete with fairy cake topper.

There are all sorts of cake and cupcake toppers to choose from, from pretty little cupcake rings to fairy cake topper sets, not forgetting the option of having a Tinkerbell candle on your cake.

Disney Tinker Bell Dangler Cake Topper Set
Disney Tinker Bell Dangler Cake Topper Set

Having a Tinkerbell birthday party is a lovely idea for young girls, who will all want to earn their fairy wings by being extra good and doing everything the chief fairy i.e. you tells them too.

To set the scene you can do everything from decorating the house with Tinkerbell balloons to visiting your local haberdashery store and going through their remnants bin for off cuts of chiffon to transform into fairy wings.

Tinkerbell Cake Toppers

 Whether you're having a full size cake or cupcakes there are a great range of tinkerbell cake decorations and cupcake decorations to choose from.

Pick from pretty little Tinkerbell cupcake decorations to age cake toppers, and if you want to spread a little extra fairy dust around you can always add a touch of edible glitter to your cakes.

Other Tinkerbell Cake and Baking Related Items

 If you're making cupcakes instead of a full size cake then Tinkerbell cupcake wrappers are perfect for the occasion, or if you're making the cake yourself why not use a Tinkerbell cake pan to get the perfect shape.

Then of course you need a Tinkerbell cake stand or fairy cupcake stand to put your cakes on.


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