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Buy baby food processors - make baby food at home

Updated on September 27, 2011

Buy baby food processor and home made baby food can make baby home. It's so easy, and so very healthy and nutritious too.

Millions of dollars are spent by parents on jars of baby food every year, but giving your child healthy, wholesome food need not be from jars alone. You can make baby food at home, and very inexpensively. It's really not too much trouble at all. A baby food processor is an excellent investment. At the touch of a button or the turn of a handle you could be feeding the best kind of wholesome, natural food there is to your child. So why not consider a simple and relatively inexpensive ($10 - $150) way to make baby food, and invest in a baby food processor today?

Beaba Babycook baby food processor

The Beaba Babycook food processor is expensive but will pay for itself in a few months, if you consider the money you will spend on jars of baby food. This is wonderful for women who are busy and have little time, it steams, purees and reheat or defrost in the same jar too, so if you are complaining about washing dishes here is your solution. It is BPA Safety-Tested.

Make Healthy, wholesome baby food at home

Give your baby a healthy start in life while you save yourself some money.

You could not only save hundreds of dollars every month on baby food but be sure that you are giving your precious one the right start in life.

I do not have to tell you any thing about packaged food. I just want to ask you a question: Without preservatives, how can meat stay good for so long without refrigeration?

I honestly believe that there is no substitute for fresh, healthy, organic, wholesome, home-cooked food.

When you make you own baby food, you know exactly what goes into it. You can add, change and introduce new ingredients like fruits and veggies to your baby's diet every once in a while, starting your baby on a healthy new lifestyle.

The KidCo baby steps food mill

The Kidco baby steps food mill ineeds no electricity, it is cheap , good quality and efficient enough to do what an electric food processor will do. Since it is small and handy you can take it with you while you travel. This baby food mill was developed by a pediatrician. It blends and purees fresh foods while separating bone, seeds, skin and other undesirable food parts.

Help your baby develop good food habits

Babies develop their sense of taste at gestation. At birth, they prefer sweet tasting food and have no preference for salty food. Research has shown that babies develop taste for food with 20 or more trials. The texture of the food is what tempts the baby to taste the food.

So if you start your baby on jars of packed food, your baby would develop a taste for only sweetened or salty food, which is an unhealthy start.

Now don’t you think it is better to start a heathy life style for your baby early in life?

Baby Steps Hand Crank Food Mill

Baby Steps Hand Crank Food Mill is also similar in features. It is also from KidCo , developed by a pediatrican, simple to use and dish washable.

Dex Products Baby Food Processor

Dex Products Baby Food Processor is designed specifically for quick and easy preparation of healthy meals for baby. You can make, store and serve meals in the same bowl. The Safety features in this processor prevent splashing and spilling and ensures that the motor spins only when all components are in place.

Electric Food Mill

Electric Food Mill is a handy appliance that blends and purees fresh foods into healthy meals for your baby.It has 2 cup bowl for your convenience and is dish washer safe.

Easy baby food recipies

Making baby food is easy

Do you think making baby food is difficult? That is just a bias, I can tell you that. I have made fresh baby food every single serving that my babies have ever eaten; yes every single morsel was made fresh, no freezing and thawing for my babies! I can vouch for it that it was so easy and I never found it difficult!

Here are a few basic recipes for you to experiment with

Veggie recipes

Clean, peel, stone, deseed scrub and prepare the veggies before dicing them.

Steam potatoes, carrots sweet potatoes, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower peas butternut squash or whatever veggies you may want to feed your child.

Combine veggies like

Sweet potato, carrots and broccoli;

Potatoes, peas, cauliflower;

Butternut squash, pumpkin and

Carrots for a sweetish treat

Just combine the veggies, making sure that when you add broccoli to any group, you have a sweet base like sweet potato or butternut squash to balance the bitterness, puree it according to the texture your baby likes and feed it fresh or freeze it in ice cube trays before storing them in food grade packets or containers.

You can also add pasta or baby cereal to the puree if you like. This way, you will have a variety of servings.

You can add a small portion of pureed meat or steamed sprouts to make them protein rich.

Fruit Recipes

Prepare the fruits

Take fruits like apples, bananas, pears, blueberries, apricots or fruits of your choice.

Steam them until soft and puree it. You puree them separately and store them. You can serve them separately or combined for a change.

You need to always ensure that the texture of the food is to your baby’s liking and add milk if you need it very soft. There is no need to add salt or sugar. When you train children to eat this way, they are sure to be healthy and full of life.


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