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Wine Aerator Pourer - Buy Decantus - Soiree Online and Save

Updated on July 9, 2011

Wine Aerator Questions We All Have

Do wine aerators really work? Does it really make a difference if you aerate wine? Is a wine airator just another wine "gadget?" What is the best aerator, and where can I get the best deal?

Those are pretty sensible questions, and maybe you already know the answers. Or maybe you don't. The new technology pour-through wine aerators have taken the concept of aerating wine before you drink it out of the world of Oenophiles, and into the conciousness of everyone that enjoys a glass of wine.

Below you will find some great bargains on wine aerators available on ebay now, especially Decantus and Soiree brands, but if you would like to know a little more about wine aeration, and how a wine aerator makes it an easy and fool-proof task, you might be interested in the wine aerator information here:

Wine aerator deals available on ebay right now!

decantus Wine Aerator
decantus Wine Aerator

Decantus Wine Aerator

The Decantus Wine Aerator

Decantus is a well known name in wine accessories, and the Decantus pour-through aerator iwine decanting system is one of the best. And most stylish.

A larger top reservoir makes pouring from the wine bottle much easier, and a special vertical planar insert keeps the wine from creating a whirlpool effect that slows down the aeration flow. Combined with specially designed extra long capillary tubes to increase the rate of aeration, these two features offer the smoothest wine aeration possible.

The Decantus design has been referred to as "sleek and sinuous", and "gracefully sculpted." Both descriptions are testaments to the craftsmanship of a Decantus Wine Aerator.

When you check out the Decantus ebay link on the right, remember that all ebay listings are not always regular inventory-type items and may not be available the next time you check.

Hands Free Decantus Wine Aerator Stand

Make aerating your wine a Hands-Free no-hassle process with this Decantus Wine Aerator Stand.

An attractive "minimalist" design that will look right at home on any table or home wine bar.

ps. make a decision - don't miss this deal for a great wine-lover gift.

Respirer Next Generation Wine Aerator available on ebay too!

Respirer Next Generation Wine Aerator
Respirer Next Generation Wine Aerator

Respirer Wine Aerator

The Respirer Next Generation Wine Aerator

Lathe-turned and hand finished, the Respirer wine aerator is a study in fine workmanship.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Respirer is a top bowl that is over 70% larger then competing wine aerators. Allowing for a much easier pour from the bottle.

The Respirer is also designed for it to be set into the top of the wine bottle when not in use. Eliminating drips on the table between the wine glass and a stand.

Using a process called VIC, (Vortex Impedance Control), the wine is forced to mix with air in the chamber without swirling. The wine then goes through diffusers that break-up and further mix the air molecules with the wine. Resulting in much smaller oxygen molecules that more easily mix with the wine, resulting in greater aeration.

Combine superior performance with beautifully classic design style, and you have a wine aerator you will be proud to use at the table.

Soiree Wine Aerator and gift Sets available on ebay too!

Soiree bottle-top decanting wine aerator
Soiree bottle-top decanting wine aerator

Soiree Decanter Wine Aerator

The Soiree is a bottle-top decanter-style wine aerator that fits into any standard size corked wine bottle neck. (ps. they include a gasket to fit screw-cap bottles too)

This makes it a one-handed aerator that doesn't require you to hold a separate wine aerator and pour into it. Eliminating the need to pour carefully to avoid splashing.

Just place the Soiree in the wine bottle, and the Soiree aerates your wine as you pour it. No need to decant a whole bottle into a wine decanter, the Soiree decants just the amount you want, and aerates the wine as it pours.

ebay has the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerator too!

Metrokane Rabbit Bottle-top Wine Aerator
Metrokane Rabbit Bottle-top Wine Aerator

Metrokane Rabbit Wine

From a wine accessory industry leader - the Metrokane Rabbit Bottle-top Wine Aerator

Another hands-free bottle-top wine aerator that lets you aerate your wine as you pour.

Metrokane is not a new-comer to wine accessories just trying to cash in. They have been making quality wine accessories since 1983, and their famous "Rabbit" line of wine accessories has become the market standard for other companies to emulate.

The design of the rabbit bottle-top wine aerator allows the wine to "swish" around in the aerating chamber before it gets to the wine glass, infusing it with air to aerate wine as it goes into the glass.

This model is a top choice for wine lovers that want to aerate wine as they drink, and not have to decant into a wine decanter hours before it is needed.

another wine aerator on ebay - The Menu Vignon Wine Pourer

Menu Vignon wine aerator pourer
Menu Vignon wine aerator pourer

The Menu Vignon Wine Pourer

Brought to you by Menu, a leader of quality beverage accessories, this innovative wine pourer aerates your wine as you pour.

The concept for The Menu Vignon Wine Pourer was developed in 1999 and presented to Menu. Tasking their designers to refine the concept to meet their standards, the result was the sleek Scandinavian Vignon Aerating wine pourer.

This pourer wine aerator fits right into the wine bottle, sealing tightly so there are no drips. Using material designs that swirl the wine as it pours from the bottle, just the right amount if air is mixed with the wine as it pours into the glass.

As a one-handed operation you no longer have to worry about holding a separate aerator while trying to keep it over the wine glass without spilling as you pour.

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    • Topnewhottoys profile image

      Topnewhottoys 6 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland

      good info about wine aerators, I have never used one but it might be worth a try if I find a cheap price for one of those decantus wine aerators

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      Tennis System 6 years ago

      I have used this once and the wine really tastes much better! Yammi yammi!

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      Rose Barrett 7 years ago

      The New Decantus Wine Aerator looks very interesting! I'll have to check it out!