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Buying Food online in Nigeria

Updated on April 22, 2013

There are a lot of good restaurants in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos where I live and lately, I've discovered that most of them have gone online, as in, they now offer to sell their food online to an already hungry customer base.

Food is an important part of the Nigerian society as most Nigerians are heavy eaters, eating mostly food items rich in carbohydrates and palm oil. Perhaps, it due to the fact that Nigeria has a lot of rich land where various crops are grown that makes her people, a food loving people. Some of of the most common food items being growing and consumed in Nigeria are cassava, yam, beans and palm fruits.

The case for Food websites

Nigerians are also a busy and successful people who are willing to spend when it comes ot issues of the stomach but they'd want to do it in a way that is most convenient and that's why online food websites are already becoming a success in this part of Africa.

With over 150 million people and the largest population, it only makes sense that already established restaurants also make their brand readily available on the internet and that's why going online as at today makes sense considering the Nigerian economy.

Most restaurants are crowded with customers standing in queues for hours especially when it comes to lunch time and it would only be a smart move if such customers can also order for their food right from their homes and enjoy that convenience.

I had a personal experience with buying food online and one of the food items I ordered for was a Shawarma from a local store. I simply had to register with the website, confirmed a code on my phone, waited for delivery, paid a delivery charge of N200 which was an estimate of what I would have spent doing there and then paid cash when it was delivered to me. The only other thing I needed to do after receiving my food order was to reheat it a bit with my microwave oven.

What buying food online in Nigeria mostly requires:

  1. Go to the vending website
  2. Select your location
  3. Select your meal(s)
  4. Place your order
  5. Expect delivery
  6. Pay cash on delivery.

Lots of foods and options to choose from

I've been to a couple of these Nigerian websites and they do offer a variety of Nigerian food such as rice and stew, ofe akwu, edika ikong, egusi soup, tuwo, suya, goat meat pepper soup, cow hide, ofada rice and even amala. There are seafoods, light lunches and appetizers.They also offer some fast foods such as meat pie, pizza, shawarma, doughnuts and so on. There are also some international restaurants in Nigeria with online presence that offer foods taken from the Chinese, French or Indian cuisine.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to buying food online in Nigeria and there a lots of restaurants and kitchens. Some allow you the option of creating membership accounts making online payments ,earn credits and so on. However, due to Nigeria, being a cash based country, most customers would prefer making payment with cash when the food has been delivered and this option is also not left out.

Benefits of buying food online

Since the food that is mostly available online are the ones that are ready to eat, most Nigerian who patronize these services do it for some of the following reasons:

  1. Convenience: It is much easier to order for food online than visiting the local restaurant. When you consider the ease of ordering and having to visit the store, you would rather go for the former.
  2. Privacy: If you are the kind that wants privacy perhaps at your home or office and not want to be seen outside.
  3. Corporate food outsourcing service: It allows companies to outsource their food supply rather than running a food canteen. They can feed their entire service by making bulk orders at predetermined times.
  4. Wider food options: Shopping online for food allows Nigerians to choose from a wider range of foods since they'll be able to choose from multiple restaurants on the web rather than visiting each one of them.
  5. Reasonable cost: Based on my experience, the food prices listed are practically the same as you would get them directly if doing a pickup. The only other charges are the delivery charges which are quite reasonable since they are supplied from your geographical location.
  6. Saves time and Energy: You can do other things with your time and energy rather than spending it along with your money just to buy food physically.


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