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Updated on June 19, 2016

Snack foods made by children during recess at school not to replace breakfast or lunch. Nutritious snacks can help keep him until lunch time and most importantly give them the energy required to learn and perform in school activities.

To teach your children how to choose a healthier snack, you may need to visit the school cafeteria with your child and help him choose the right type of food. Follow the following tips, especially the type of food that should be taken more frequently and occasionally as far as possible be avoided altogether.

1. Encourage your kids more often these foods:

Snacks are less oily and less sweet, but the supply of useful nutrients such as sandwiches with fillings eggs, chicken, sardines or tuna, bread, cakes, steamed dumplings or vermicelli soup with vegetables and meat. Fruits such as bananas, guavas and apples are good choices.

Drink less sweet and nutritious can also be taken. Among these are milk (including flavored), soy milk, fresh fruit juice and yogurt drinks

2. Teach your children to take this once-scale food (limit to 1-2 times a week):

Nasi lemak, fried rice or noodles / vermicelli / kuihteow fried, curry noodles. This meal can be taken occasionally as they provide some important nutrients but high in fat. Advise your child to eat small meals only (or half).

3. Teach children to reduce snack intake (no more than once a week)

Greasy foods contain a lot of fat and salt such as fried bananas, burgers, sausages, fried nuggets and fries.

Food and drink sweet and contain a lot of sugar such as syrup, fruit cordials, soft drinks, candy and sweet cakes.
Foods that contain a lot of salt and seasonings, such as chips / crackers and snacks with artificial flavors.

Finally, remind your children to always make sure the food they choose is fresh and clean and do not buy food that is not properly closed. If you think the school canteen children you do not provide healthy food, you can talk to the school during a meeting of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) about the ways the school cafeteria can be improved to provide healthier food choices.

If you fear that your children do not get nutritious food from their school cafeteria, you can also supply a snack from home to eat during recess. This way you can make sure your children get all the essential nutrients needed to support an active lifestyle.


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