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~No-Spill~ Coffee Pots~

Updated on July 11, 2016

Coffee Spilling Coffee Pots

Finally a coffee- maker- pot that doesn't spill!   

Spill Me Some Coffee!

Every coffee maker that I have owned has a pot that spills coffee when you pour it. My son and I have taken to pouring our coffee over the sink...until now! I received unexpectedly a Space-maker coffee maker by Black and Decker. This is the first one that I have owned that does not spill when you pour your coffee. The reason for that (as any non engineertype like I am ) can see is this pot has a wider and flatter spout. HELLO... coffee manufacturers of the world... it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to make a non-spiller! It is so simple I have thought that many companies purposefully made spillers! So now I am donating my Delonghi coffee maker to my favorite charity. It still works just fine and it STILL SPILLS JUST FINE. No more paper towels ready and waiting for the big coffee spill.

We recently had new granite counter-tops installed and they are just too pretty to have a coffee maker sitting on top of it. With our old counter-tops, the coffee maker actually made it look better by covering it up. Now, however, with the granite, it is better to see as much as possible. So when we were given the Space-maker, my husband installed it the next day. It looks so much better and we now have extra space (hence; space-maker).

So, the question I have is not why did I not get myself one sooner but why haven't other companies made their pots like this one???Do you have any ideas why?

So far we have made coffee twice and it has worked simply and great.Just so you know this is not a commercial nor am I getting paid to write this. My reason for this article is really my pet peeve and irritation with the many coffee pots that I have unwillingly spilled coffee from - whether it be my own or in some one's home (how embarrassing)! Now I can save money on paper towels, save my counter-tops from coffee stains, not waste coffee, and actually pour my coffee right by the coffee maker instead of over the sink.

If you have this same problem and pet peeve AND are looking for a new coffee maker; consider the Black and Decker Space-maker. It can't solve the world's problems but it can solve your coffee spilling and dripping ones. One less problem in your life is progress!


Space~Makin' ~Spacemaker!

Well, another reason that I am enjoying my coffee maker that I have had for a year now is that it is after all a "spacemaker!" That really helps me out in the kitchen having that extra space. I keep my little containers of Splenda and teabags under it so it is a perfect coffee and tea "ZONE." It's always nice when you can use all of your space effectively. Now I am working on the rest of the kitchen!

Spillers and Non-spillers


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Is My New Coffeemaker a Coffee Spillin' Coffee Pot?

How has my new Spacemaker coffeemaker coffee pot been pouring SO FAR? SO GOOD! I have to say my coffee pot does not spill or drip at all. It is still new enough that my first inclination is to turn to my sink as I always had to in the past but then I remember that I have't had a problem with it at all and then I stand right by my coffeemaker and pour myself a cup. That is really nice. "No runs, no drips, no errors"!!!

Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop

Vintage Spacemaker Coffee Maker

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    • MACACH profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Thank you Patti Ann.

    • Patti Ann profile image

      Patti Ann 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for the info - I also pour my coffee over the sink due to the pot spilling everywhere. I'm so glad to know which pot to buy that won't spill everywhere.


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