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Turn negative into positive

Updated on April 11, 2018

We can turn negative thinking to positive using our brain power

The brain is the place where we feel all our pains and other sensations. So, if we want to live a better life for ourselves, then we have to try to turn negative happenings into positive thinking, we need to do that in order to achieve a better life.
The brain is the place where we feel all our pains and other sensations. So, if we want to live a better life for ourselves, then we have to try to turn negative happenings into positive thinking, we need to do that in order to achieve a better life.

Turning negative into positive

Welcome to my article (10). Turning negative into positive.

This article has many names, it is like my life with many ups and downs, which sometimes could be even confusing. You see, it is the struggle within me that makes me talk the strange way that I am going to talk here. So, I have named this article, “Hello my world”, or “turning negative happenings into positive thinking”, and other things as well.

As I have said, in this article, I am going to try to turn negative happening of my life into positive thinking; now, to turn negative happening into positive thinking, one has got to go through a very long process of many stages, I have gone through most of this process and I am still going through now; if you read between the lines, even this article tells you that I am still doing that; you see, I wanted to call this article ‘Crying out loud or overcoming our inner pains’, because this is what this article is all about, here I am trying to overcome my inner pains, because of the way of life that I have lived when I was young, because it has given me lots of pains.

Anyhow, I have taken another step forward in the process, since I thought that I was going to call this article, “hello my world”, where suddenly I would rebel from the past and start a new way of life; with these thoughts in mind, I was looking at what I could do to achieve that, if I wanted really to break away from this negative experiences of the past, including their negative thinking that they have left within my mind, which are still annoying me these present days

So, while I was thinking about what to do with it, I concluded that in a way or another, I had to do something about it. Now, the only thing that came to my mind, was that I had to try changing negative happenings to positive thinking, and therefore, I have decided to call this article, turn negative into positive. Now these are the steps that I have taken to succeed in my attempt of breaking away from the negative past. I know that what I am going to say is going to sound strange, because I am trying to go from negative happenings into positive thinking in a single step, but I am going to take the chance and see if it works out for me.

So, this article is going to be a bit jumpy. In this article, not only I am going to write about, “Hello my world” I will also write something about the ways that we sometimes behave, since my life experience has taught me that, then we will go back to our own life story, since we have not finished to tell you my farming life story. Therefore, first let me break away from my farm life story, we will return to my farm life story later, as this article is between the past and the present time, therefore I would like to tell you just how I have felt after I left the farm. You see, I have to say that I am sorry to tell you my sad life story, and that I have felt hurt my entire life, because I had to live my early life in the farm without even knowing the consequences that could follow from that type of living, so, even today my inner self wants to cry out aloud, why this had to happen to me and my family.

But then I thought, to cry over past events all the time, it is not going to help me anyhow, therefore, today I am going to express myself with the knowledge that I have painfully acquired slowly later in my life. You see, by doing that, I will try to throw away my shyness forever, and never look back at those drawbacks that I had early in my life; so, I would like to come into the world and be able to say what I want to say, and therefore, break away from the past forever; I would like to introduce myself to the world, and say what I want to say with a loud voice, instead of crying within myself and feeling sorry for myself; I am going to turn those negative experiences into positive thinking by saying, Hello my world, and try to fit in with other people as well, this is one of the bumpy rides I said, let me see, if I am able to do that presently, by saying hello to the entire world and forgetting my negative experiences of the past.


Greetings to you my dear readers I hope you accept me as your new found friend.

Hello my world, I am coming to you with open arms. I hope you accept me the way that I am, since I would like to be your friend.
Hello my world, I am coming to you with open arms. I hope you accept me the way that I am, since I would like to be your friend.

Introduction hello my world


Hello world! Hello life! Hello everybody!

And a great and warm “Hello” To all those who are very close to me and love me!

Dear readers, what I am going to write next is going to sound almost crazy, perhaps even ridiculous if I think about it, because this is not what happens in real life; however this was/is one of my imaginary ways of how I could break free from my boring and shy life that I have lived until now, I know that this way is going to look and be bumpy, because suddenly I am jumping from one thing to another; but let us leave behind these negative thoughts and try to do what we have to do immediately; so, let me try to introduce myself to the world.

Hello, to my readers, and hello to the imaginary people that I am talking to in this article.

May I have your attention just for a moment, please? Because I hope that you would listen to me and be my friends, you see, today above all I would like very much to be friendly with people, since we all live in this same world, so, we are here and we seem to be going all the same way, while we try to live the best way we can, in this present earthly life that we are living nowadays.

So, I hope that you will allow me to be your friend, since I am a lonely man at the moment, so, I am looking for friendship today; I am asking you to be my friends because it seems to me that you are good people, as many of you over here look very friendly to me; I hope that I am right and you are good people and that you are very friendly people as well. So, may I ask, if I may have the pleasure of your company, please?

I know that what I am saying right now may not make sense to some of you, because it might not be the best way to find new friends, and I know that I need to learn new ways of how to become friend and be friendly with people, also the way of how to introduce oneself and other things; but you see, I have lived my young live in a very isolated place, so, I hope that you don’t mind when I make some mistakes, while I am trying to say something that is important to me, because I have never been trained to be a smooth talker, as you can see from what I am saying.

Anyhow at this present time, just because I am writing this article, we happen to be in this position where I am the writer or speaker you are the reader or the listeners, so, I hope that you don’t mind me if I ask some questions which have come to my mind, because they are very important to me, and I hope that my asking will not upset you in any way, I hope also that you don’t mind me personally, as I am very keen to be your friend, as I said I am looking for friends, so, in my own strange ways, I would like to meet you all if I could, or at least all those that are thinking that they could be friend with me. Since I would like to share some of my time with you, and also some of my very personal views, that is of course, if you think that you could be my friend and stand by me and you don’t mind listening to what I am going to say, as I would like to talk about a few things that are on my mind at the present time, and these are things that effect all of us during our life, as it is affecting me as well as we speak.

So, let me say what I have to say first of all to you, usually I am a shy man and I don’t like to be a show off or anything of that sort, but because today I have made up my mind to be a different man, I would like to be a man of the world that is able to live his life freely in the best way possible, therefore I am making a great effort to achieve that at this very moment, and because this is the first time that I have met you, I would like to introduce myself the proper way and make your acquaintance personally, this is one of those things that I have learned lately, one needs to know how to introduce oneself easily; so, let us do that and let us see and practise how to introduce ourselves politely today and take a look how it was done in the bygone days, just to compare the difference.

Therefore, since here we are talking to a group of imaginary people, I would explain my introduction thus and say: I would like to shake your hand to each one of you, and while I am shaking your hand, I say, pleased to meet you, or “How do you do”, this is just one form of introduction but there are many others. So, to Mr Y. or X. and no matter who you are; when we were introduced to other people or we introduced yourselves we said; “How do you do!” And then, to be polite to each and every one of us, we used to bend low and say again, “How do you do!” and “How do you do!” again. This is how it was done in the good old bygone days, as we all very well know nowadays.

Having said that, now allow me to introduce myself in a modern and simple way.

Hello, my name is, “Francesco Menchise” and I am from Brisbane Australia; while I am doing this introduction, if I am close enough to the person that I am introducing myself I would put my right hand forward ready to shake hand it the other person accept my hand shake; here the other person is supposed to also extend his hand and accept my hand shake, while shaking hand the other person is supposed to say pleased to meet you, followed by his name (John West?) so he is also introducing himself at the same time, and then I could say the pleasure is mine and talk about whatever is necessary.

Just to say something, I might say, my name is Francesco Menchise, but everybody here calls me Frank, and Frank sounds good and friendly to me, and it is easy to say; so, just call me Frank and let it be, as it will be easy for you and me.

Now that I have introduced myself in a modern and mannerly way, let me go back to talk as if I am talking to a group of people: May I ask you your names please? So that you can also introduce yourself, and then we can be friends; I’d like to shake your hand to each one of you, and while I shake your hands I will say, “I am pleased to meet you!” You may answer me, “I am pleased to meet you too.” Or if you wish you may say, “The pleasure is mine.”

Why the introduction above

Now, I need to explain why I have written this personal introduction above. During my life, I have noted that the greatest obstacle for people that have lived a withdrawn style of life, is that they don’t know how to start talking to other people, and to introduce themselves to other people; for this reason, I have written this introduction in my writing, in order to give it the importance it deserves in real life. I know that there are a few different ways for introducing people to each other, and some people might use different ways of introducing people to each other, so, my introduction might not be the best, but it points out that it is necessary to know some forms of introduction. I know that because when I was young this was something that nobody tried to teach me, and this lack of spontaneous knowledge has made things awkward later in life.

You see, most of us are not born with that presence of mind to automatically introduce ourselves, therefore, I believe that it is important that all children be thought, how to introduce themselves properly from their parents and teachers. Not only in the way that I have done it above, where it might seem perhaps aggressive and somehow strange: But let the introductions be done in several other ways, as it is supposed to happen in real life. So that the children will automatically be ready, when a real introduction need to happen, and they will feel secure of themselves. Otherwise they will feel awkward and shy, and they will feel that they have put themselves in a disadvantaged position, like I have been in my young life.

Therefore, now that we have introduced ourselves to each other, and I am so pleased to have met you all; May I have the pleasure and be allowed to have a friendly talk with you?

Now, just to start talking and say something that happens every day, I would like to start with a simple everyday talk, which people talk about every day of their lives, and I would like to tell you how I feel, when I see the way that we behave nowadays, because I believe that sometimes we behave in a strange and unreal way. This observation that I have made during my life, I would like to point it out to you to prove my point. But to do that I would like to ask you a friendly question; it is a question that anybody would ask you out of politeness, and sometimes this question may take the place of a polite greening. But strange as it may seem, everybody usually gives the same answer to this question or greeting. You may not believe me of course, but here is the proof of what I have just said.

And this question that sound like a greeting would usually be: How are you? Or perhaps: How are you today?

And I am sure that you will all answer me; I am very well, thank you. Or perhaps you’ll say, I am well, or I am fine, or I feel great, or I feel as good as gold thanks very much.

And then just to be polite to me you’ll ask me back. And how are you today? (And then you’ll expect from me very much the same answers that you have given me.) I am very well, thank you. Or I am fine. I am as good as gold thanks, and so on. This seems to me unreal, so, I am going to write something hereunder about the ways that we sometimes behave, when we behave in an unrealistic way; so, let us talk about when we behave in a strange way, and yet we believe it is the right thing to do.


Ways we behave in the world

We belong to wherever we happen to belong; We believe the way that we have been thought to believe;  We behave according to what our own life has thought us.
We belong to wherever we happen to belong; We believe the way that we have been thought to believe; We behave according to what our own life has thought us.

This is the way that sometimes we behave

The way that we behave

This part of the story that I am presently writing here, I almost did not want to write it, because I have already lamented it somewhere else, but I feel forced to write it anyhow, just because it fits my story that I am writing now, after all I was going to call this hub overcoming our inner pains, so, let me cry my heart out and say what I have to say, because this is going to be one of my hidden laments as well. And this is how I see the way that we behave, and it is unreal.

Speaking for myself, the reality of life is that I find life for me has lots of ups and downs, and even if I don’t admit them to you, I feel them within myself. So, when you happen to ask me, ‘How are you?’ I may happen to be very much down, but, I will still answer you: I am very well, thank you! So, my dear readers, listeners or friends, there are no doubts about our behaviour that it is sometimes strange, when we want to hide the truth from our friends, therefore, we should admit that the following description would be true.

We behave sometimes as if everything is indeed unreal, when we do say things that we do not mean or feel. And even when our own heart is hurt and cries in pains, we do turn to the world and pretending smile again, because we don’t want the world to see our pains. But all the efforts that we have made have been in vain. Because our heart still hurts, and we still feel that pain.

I am sure that some of you will agree with me about what I have just written above, because you may have been in a painful situation yourself sometimes, therefore, you know and understand what I mean. But at the same time, one may also ask here: What’s the use to pretend such a thing? When it is only pretence? Even if it has been able to make one feel better for a few moments, and one has been able to overcome the inner pains and has smiled just for a second. But, is all this pretence worthwhile to live one’s life in such a way deceiving oneself?

But then it might indeed be worthwhile, just because we have been able to control ourselves and for a few moments we have felt well in the middle of all those afflictions that might be bugging us, but anyhow every one of us does this his own way, because our lives are different to other people life, and so our story is different also, as we all know, every one of us has a story to tell.

As you can see, we sometimes behave in strange ways; my own judgement here is that, perhaps it might be worth behaving in such a deceitful way, not because we have been able to lie to ourselves, but because we have been able to control our own pains. And we have been able to live as well as one can; so that, one would be in control of oneself.

What I have written above is all part of my life story, and in this article, I have been trying to turn negative experiences into positive action; I don’t know if I have succeeded to do that, but at least I have tried, and I am still trying today. But anyhow, let us go back to tell you my life story, because we are like everybody else and we have a story to tell, since every man or woman has a story to tell, which is the story of our own lives. Because it is our story we can tell everybody, if we want to.


Stories have always been told

Storytelling has always been used to pass knowledge by word of mouth from generation to generation, so it is as old as the world itself.
Storytelling has always been used to pass knowledge by word of mouth from generation to generation, so it is as old as the world itself.

Every man or woman has a story to tell

Every man or woman has a story to tell

In this article, we assume that there is a group of people listening to us. It is the continuation of our article above. Having said that, now I look around to see who is listening to me, and I see nice people here with me, so, I say. I hope that within yourselves you are happy with your life, and the way that you are living your life overall. Because sometimes life can be hard and boring, up to the point where it may become painful; this is when things don’t go the right way, which is the way that one wants them to go. And I must admit that very often I happen to be in a painful position myself: And when this happens to me I am going through one of those grey days, and my life is boring and seems to be at a standstill. So, I feel frustrated about my life that I must ask myself. Oh my God! Why life has got to be so hard and boring for me these days? What have I done to deserve this? Why don’t I have the chance like everybody else to enjoy life as it should be enjoyed? And many other hard questions come to mind, while I go on reviewing some life happenings.

Therefore, I feel that life has not given me what I deserve, and for that reason I can’t help thinking about life itself, and the ways that I am spending my life these days, together with the way that I have spent the earlier part of my life, so, I keep asking myself whether life has treated me the right way. Because I deserve a better life? I know that what I am saying here is lamenting and that is not a good thing to do, because it might upset other people, but that is the way I feel now, so, I am sorry if I have upset you in any ways.

Then I think: I suppose that lots of other people of my age are going over their own lives just like me, and they are asking themselves; what is life all about? And whether life has treated them fair enough for that matter, so, they are looking back at that part of life that they have already lived, and wonder about whether life has been good for them or not, and they might have the impression, that part of life that they have already lived now seems only a dream, a dream that has lasted for so many years, but now all those years have gone forever and they never will come back, so, now for them, all that is left of their lives is a story to tell, if they can find the time to tell their story, and if they find somebody that will listen to their story

So, every man and woman have a story to tell; no matter how unimportant it may seem, and how stupid and ridiculous it may sound, when they tell it to you. But, because it is their life story it is very important to them, and they can’t change it because it is their true-life story. But if one listens to their true life story, even if it is not much of a story, in the end it may bring up some good common sense, and one can always learn something useful from their true story, if one takes the time and listens to their true life story, even if their story is not much of a story.

To come to this hub conclusion, we should say; whatever are our lives stories and whatever pains we have been through during your life, we must try to overcome our inner pains, if we are going to live a better life. Therefore, we must try to turn negative things into positive thinking that is the only way to go about and try to live a better life in the future.

This is all that we want to say in this article and we know that it has been a bit rough to say the least, but we hope that we have been able to explain some of our points of view, even if they are not very clear sometimes. Anyhow, see you next time with; my farm life continues.

See you soon.


© 2011 F-Menchise


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      4 years ago from Brisbane Australia


      Have a happy new year!

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      4 years ago

      One or two to reebmemr, that is.


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