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Cafe Cup As Seen On TV

Updated on January 4, 2013
Cafe Cup As Seen On TV
Cafe Cup As Seen On TV | Source

Cafe Cup

I have seen the Cafe Cup infomercial being run on late night TV a lot lately and I must say that I am rather shocked. I am sure you are no stranger to the Keurig K Cups revolution which allows you to make single brew coffee in the home.

Keurig has several technology patents which formerly had the accessory market wrapped up until September of 2012. As a few of these patents were set to expire, other coffee sellers were chomping at the bit to enter the lucrative K Cups market built on the advertising dollar of keurig.

Cafe Cup seems to be an attempt to address two major issues which have bothered K Cup drinkers over the years. They are the price and the environmental impact of the used cups.

Let's go ahead and watch the Cafe Cup commercial and learn a little more about their offering.

Cafe Cup Commerical

The commercial makes the Cafe Cup look pretty good but is it something that we really need. Are most K Cup users so unhappy with their K Cups that they would resort to this type of self service?

I say not. One of the main advantages of Keurig K Cups is that the design itself helps create, what Keurig says, is the perfect cup of single serve coffee. The Cafe Cup is just a canister that fits single cup brewers. It doesn't make it taste better.

The main selling point seems to be the price. If you take a look at the Amazon listings or even a site your average online retailer like Tiki Hut Coffee you won't see the outrageous prices quoted in the commercial.

The internet marketplace is filled with competitive pricing and retailers are constantly introducing deals and coupons with very attractive offers. So with that said, is there any chance the Cafe Cup is a better deal.

If you order from the special TV or internet offer the shipping on the product and even the free one will add a significant amount to the price of each one. But over time, assuming they last, you won't be paying anything for them, just the coffee you put inside.

However, now that the Cafe Cup is available at big box retailers and Amazon, you can save money on the traditionally high shipping costs which going along with As Seen On TV offers. But that still doesn't make the coffee taste better.

There have been some complaints about the taste and the quality of the reusable K Cups and beside from the people in the commercials, it's hard to find people out there raving about them.

If you happen to be someone who really likes the Cafe Cup please let other readers know in the comment section. But I think until we hear otherwise we might want to keep the Cafe Cups on the store shelves instead of our cupboards.


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