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Fondant Smoothers - An Essential Piece of Cake Decorating Equipment

Updated on April 6, 2011

Fondant Smoothers

As the name suggests fondant smoothers are used to smooth out fondant and are probably one of the most used pieces of equipment in any cake decorators kit.

Fondant, or sugar paste as it's also know (depending where you are) is a soft cake covering which can be rolled out and molded around a cake. It's softness and pliability makes it perfect for covering cakes, but prone to denting from stray fingertips or uneven cakes.

The role of the sugarpaste smoother is to even out any little dents and kinks that appear by applying a gentle but firm pressure to the icing through the smoother. They also have another role as polishers and can be used to (carefully)buff the icing to a sheen.

Smoothers generally have a large flat surface on one side and a handle on the other making them easy to hold.

The edges are rounded to lessen the chances of the icing being accidentally marked, and they generally have 2 long edges, one edge side and one curved edge - which edge you depends on what you are doing with your smoother.

Smoothers are what changes a cake from looking okay into something with clean precise edges that looks incredibly professional. They are well worth the investment of buying one (or even 2) as you will use them on any fondant covered cake you make.

How To Use a Fondant Smoother

Using the fondant smoother you need to apply firm but gentle pressure to the sugarpaste. To smooth out the top of a cake use circular motions in the same direction, and to smooth the sides of a cake press the smoother firmly against the side of the cakeĀ  and move in a back and forward motion. The attached video demonstrates the method well.


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