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Decorative Fancy Cakes

Updated on January 6, 2014

Cake Served With Elegance

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Decorating Cakes

It wasn't long ago that a cake with icing was a wonderful dessert to be served to your guests. Bake the cake, add the icing and serve. Add candles and a message in the icing for a special event. Cakes are no longer simple presentations for dessert time. They have become works of art!

Cake Designs

There are several cable network channels that host programs with talented cake bakers constructing their elaborate works of art. These programs are exceptional entertainment. A team of two or three individuals assemble massive cakes and decorate them with themes for the wedding reception, birthday or anniversary celebration. The detail work is elaborate and colorful. Most of the time, the fancy icings and designs are completely edible!

Imagine a boat with windows and masts and ropes accenting its decks. Can you visualize a castle complete with stones etched into the tower and turrets on each corner. Add a draw bridge and water complete with a stone wall to that picture and you have a typical cake scenario. In addition, the colors are usually coordinated with the design and theme of the event. Icing colors range from muted and elegant to extremely bright and breathtaking!

Bakeries Have Changed

Modern bakeries have been turned into art studios. Merely knowing how to make a tasty cake is not enough to qualify an individual for a job in these bakeries.

Have you noticed the bakery at your local grocery store? If you have an upscale grocery store in your area, visit the bakery. You will notice that the cakes have become a bit more exotic and elaborate over time. Choose a favored theme and flavor for your party!

Don't forget the cupcakes! There is an whole different market for decorated cupcakes. Entire shops are dedicated to the famous cupcake theme. These too have become more colorful and elaborate in the last few years. Choose your flavor and cupcake decorations!

Fancy Cupcakes

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Decorate That Cake

I have a friend that has a small cake business. In the last few years, I have seen her creations evolve into works of art with themes to fit the event. She has made elaborate creations for children and beautiful works of art for weddings. I remained intrigued with these tasty yet creative works of art. They are truly beautiful.

The world of cakes has changed. Taste is still important, but so is the overall appearance of the cake! Be creative and let the cake be a focal point of the party. Your guests will love it!


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    Audrey Kirchner 7 years ago from Washington

    One of the OTHER things I wish I had more time to learn how to do....geez - I seriously need to give up sleeping or something!