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Cake Stencils Make Cake Decorating Easy

Updated on July 17, 2011

Cake Stencils are Great for Cake Decorating

Cake stencils make creating intricate designs on cakes a much easier and quicker process than doing them by hand.

Cake stencilling is the art of applying a design to the top or sides of a cake using a stencil template which is a sheet of paper or plastic with holes cut in it to form a pattern.

As children you probably stencilled cakes without realising it ~ such as if you ever held a paper doily over a chocolate cake and sprinkled icing sugar over it to create a pattern.

There are a wide range of stencil designs to choose from, ranging from words such as 'Happy Birthday' to flower borders and even cake stencil designs to cover the top of an 8" cake.

Wilton Cake Stencils Variety Pack
Wilton Cake Stencils Variety Pack

Cake Decorating Stencils

Which means that whether you are looking for something fun to create with your kids, or need an elegant design for a wedding cake cake stencilling could easily be the answer.

Stencils can be colored using a variety of mediums. The simplest would be cocoa powder or icing sugar sprinkled over a stencil placed on top of a cake. Alternatively you can use food colouring either as a spray or diluted in water and applied with a brush, or petal and lustre dusts.

If you are using a spray food colouring and wish to use more than one colour simply take over the holes on the stencil you do not wish to color, use your spray, remove the stencil and allow to dry then repeat the process by covering the holes you previously used.

Complete Design Stencils for Cake Decorating

These are great for when you're short of time and want a whole design in one stencil.

Borders, Side Designs and Compilation Sets

Often with fondant stencils you just want something to edge you cake and give it a pretty border, or you are looking for component parts you can put together to create your own designs with ~ such as number.


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