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Cake, bread, cookies, dough: baking blogs on the rise

Updated on June 6, 2013
Bread dough by Mrs. Gemstone on Flickr
Bread dough by Mrs. Gemstone on Flickr

Baking is an old art, one that traces back to early human civilization. Early peoples mixed together grains and water to produce flat breads they would bake on hot stones. The ancient Egyptians were bakers well-versed with yeast due to their brewing skills. Archeologists have found evidence of baking as far back as 5,600 B.C.

Baking saw a rise in creativity in the time of the Romans. A pastillarium, or pastry chef, was a high-ranked position due to the Roman’s love of sweets and parties. This respect for baking filtered throughout Europe, resulting in the strong European baking tradition today.

Baking blogs celebrate baking in all its forms. Baking blogs can be about cake, bread, pastries, and desserts. Some baking blogs include recipes for meals and snacks in addition to baking information.

Baking blogs tend to take the cake for beautiful photography. Baked goods, with their natural variations due to the cooking process, can be lovely in their undecorated form, and desserts are often made to be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. Some baking blogs give hints and tips for decorating baked goods.


You know cake pops? Those cakes-on-a-stick that you can find in almost any sweet shop? Bakerella is pretty much the originator of the trend. Her book, Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Treats, was released to much acclaim in 2011, but she's been blogging on cake pops and other cute baking ideas for years. Her clever creations are perfect for parties or just a pick-me-up, and even bakers will want to whip up a batch of Rainbow Bright cupcakes after viewing her site.

Cake pops by niner bakes on Flickr
Cake pops by niner bakes on Flickr

Cake Journal

At Cake Journal, there are tutorials galore to decorate cakes. Baking isn't just about flour and sugar: sometimes, it's about the pizzazz.


Heather, the baker behind SprinkleBakes, loves cake. You can see it in her cute web banner, and you can see it in the recipe index, where the number of cakes is staggering. That said, she’s also a fan of pies and pastries, tarts and cookies, and she’s more than happy to share oodles of recipes and take lots of photos in the process. She’s artistically inclined, having been classically trained in fine art, and her book, SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist, is filled with a similar sense of creativity. Her birthday cake for Jane Austen is awesome.

(Cake) spy by twicepix on Flickr
(Cake) spy by twicepix on Flickr

Cake Spy

Cake Spy is full of fun and whimsy. There are anthropomorphic cupcakes everywhere, and everything is pink and pastel-colored. The recipes, too, are bizarre in the most delightful way. There are the circus animal cookie truffles, for example, that mimic the pink, sprinkle-dotted animal cookies you can find the grocery store. Then there's grilled cheesecake, a piece of cheesecake sandwiched between two slabs of buttered, grilled pound cake.

The Fresh Loaf

The Fresh Loaf is not entirely a blog. In fact, it’s so much more. It’s a community blogging site and forum for bakers of all types. So long as you have a membership, you can questions, make blog posts to show off your baked goods, and browse through hundreds of user-submitted recipes. While The Fresh Loaf’s focus is more on baking breads than making cakes, it still showcases on all kinds of baked goods, from sour-delicious wild yeast sourdough to the hilariously-named Crepes of Wrath.

Shaping a batard

Baker Street

Baker Street is all about the muffins. There's the occasional cake, but muffin recipes are the mainstay of this blog. But what muffins! Here is a recipe for mango-berry buttermilk muffins. (They look delicious!)

King Arthur Flour blog

I never had a flour preference until I read the King Arthur Flour blog, but now I’m a convert. This oft-updated site includes recipes to baked goods, desserts, and meals to go with said baked goods. The tone is fun and breezy, and some of the recipes are amazing. I can personally recommend the easy pumpkin bread as a great potluck dish for any autumn gathering. It keeps well and tastes awesome when warm and slathered in cinnamon butter.

King Arthur Flour also posts videos

Half Baked

Half Baked is a cake blog for people who think cake should be beautiful. It’s an inspiration blog, a wonderland of tips and ideas for adding beauty to baking. One post shows the inspiration process behind a Mondrian-esque color-blocked cake, while another gives ideas for red, white, and blue desserts for patriotic holidays. There are occasional DIY instructions as well. Half Baked welcomes submissions of reader cakes to be featured on the blog.

Sweet, sweet baking by Destination Europe on Flickr
Sweet, sweet baking by Destination Europe on Flickr


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