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A creamy cake

Updated on January 15, 2016

Cakes sticked with cream


  • 4 eggs
  • 125 g of sugar powder
  • 60 g of flour
  • 75 g of Hazelnuts powder
  • 150 g of Butter
  • 170 g of Hazelnuts-brown/Chocolate-brown soft margarine
  • 60 g of Icing sugar
  • cacao powder Van Houten

This cake is so easy to prepare and it's for 8 persons which take 35 minutes to cook it.

Technical phases:

1. First of all, bring all the ingredients

2. Clarify the eggs, arrange the whites in the tank of the electric mixer

3. To beat egg whites until stiff closes and to squeeze them with the caster sugar.

4. Remove the tank of the beater and incorporate egg yolks one by one

5. By beating

6. Incorporate the sifted flour as well as powder of hazelnuts

7. Mix delicately with a maryse

8. Grease a cake pan with cover anti-adherent

9. Make the dough into the mould

10. Cook in 180°C during 20 in 25 minutes

11. As soon as the cake is gilded well, to take out it of the oven

12. And turn out of the tin it. Let cool

13. In a bottom of hen, pour Nutella

14. Add the butter and mix it well in the whip

15. Add the icing sugar

16. Mix again in the whip

17. Once the biscuit get cool, cut it in two in the sense of the thickness. Use for it a knife saw

18. Separate the 2 halves

19. Arrange the cream on one of half of the biscuit

20. Spread the dough in the metallic spatula

21. Arrange the second layer of biscuit on the cream

22. Indeed glue the biscuit with the cream

23. To cut borders in the knife saws on 4 sides

24. Portion out cakes in individual squares

25. Use for it a knife saw

26. Sprinkle finally the surface of the cake of cocoa powder. Serve in side filling of a gourmet coffee with the other delicacies of your choice.


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