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Can Food Allergies Cause Behavior Problems in Children? #2

Updated on January 19, 2012

Ten Tips

This is my second article on the topic "Can Food Allergies Cause Behavior Problems in Children?" I will continue to write about my years of experience with an allergy/sensitive child. I thought it would be helpful to everyone to list ten things, that over the years, have really helped.

Ten Tips:

1. Vitaline - Alka-Aid - I learned of this from the book Is This My Child, by Dr. Doris Rapps.

2. When choosing cakes and icing, go chocolate over vanilla. Vanilla has many food colorings and preservatives.

3. When choosing candy, choose chocolate bars over colored treats, always read your labels.

4. Learn what NAET is and what the Feingold diet is.

5. Learn what the allergy elimination diet is and work with your allergist's test results as a place to start.

6. Do not use food colorings, dyes, etc. Check out natural ways to dye your food, there are many for any color you may want.

7. Whole fruits and vegetables are wonderful snacks and they do not have anything added to them, organic is the best.

8. Stay away from MSG - watch your chicken broth and soups. They sell many organic broths now, choose one of them and use it to prepare your soups and stuffings. Homemade is always the best! For the Holidays watch your stuffing labels, many have MSG, Pepperidge Farms is my favorite. MSG has many other names - learn what they are.

9. Know what BHA, BHT, Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 are.

10. Know that if your child is reacting with a temper like tantrum from a food sensitivity, nothing you say or do will stop it, only time. If you are out, leave your grocery cart in the store, carry your child out to the car, go home and let them get through it. Learn about the four day reaction rule.

I hope the above items help you, I will continue to write in this series of other helpful things I have discovered and new things we are still learning about.






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    • ntemples profile image

      ntemples 6 years ago

      The four day reaction is how long a person is effected with the side effects from a food allergy/sensativity. I had read about this in many allergy books and experienced it with my daughter. A reaction usually will last for four days. You will notice a change in the childs behavior, the first day, it will then last for two more days, usually on the fouth day, they will be at their worst - tantrums, crying etc. The next day they are fine.

    • indanila profile image

      Inda Blackwell 6 years ago from Hampton Roads

      What's the four day reaction rule?