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Can You Eat the Skin of a Cute Kumquat?

Updated on April 14, 2013

Yes, most people can eat the skin of kumquats, regardless of whether the kumquats are cute or not -- I mean the kumquat, not the person eating them.

Kumquats are the edible fruits of the flowering plant family Rutaceae. It is classified as a citrus. They look and taste kind of like miniature oranges, but are not. They are more like the size and shape of an olive, but tastes nothing like it.

Look at them, they are tiny. The picture below show their relative size to a standard fork.


Do you really want to peel the skin of a kumquat?

How are you going to peel the skin off it? Even if you have the dexterity of using your fingers and/or knife, it would be too time consuming.

Much easier to pop them into your mouth and eat them skin and all. But wash them first, though. And preferably, get organic kumquats to avoid any pesticide residue that may be on the skin.

Being able to eat the skin is one of kumquat's appeal.

HuffingtonPost writes ...

" of the kumquat's greatest qualities is that it's the only citrus you can eat whole -- skin and all. Unlike lemons and oranges, whose white pith is unbearably bitter, the kumquat's skin actually adds a pleasant sweetness, which is perfectly balanced by the tartness of the juicy flesh."

Seeds of kumquat

With the kumquat being that small, if you do find any seeds in it, it would be tiny. So no problem eating the seeds as is. They are probably too small to take the time to spit out anyways.

By the way, look at the seed in the picture. How were they able to cut the seed right in half like that?

The Whole Kumquat

You can eat the skin. You can eat the seeds, You can eat the whole kumquat. Why don't they have the phrase "the whole kumquat" as they do the phrase "the whole enchilada"?

In fact, there is a website call -- it is about food. It sums it up on its about page with this sentence ...

"Fresh kumquats, by the way, are best eaten whole."

Where to get kumquats?

Being that kumquats originated and are native to China, look for them at your local Asian supermarket. Sometimes high-end supermarkets may also have them when they are in season.

Kumquats are also grown in California and Florida. If you still can not find them locally, you can order them online at and they will ship. But you kind of have to buy in bulk though. They are not going to ship you three or four kumquats.

Unfortunately, due to USDA regulations, they are not allowed to ship to a few certain states. If you happen to be in one of those states that they can not ship to, get a post office box in an adjacent state where they can ship to and pick it up from there -- some driving may be required. Or better yet have a friend in a neighboring state order them for you.

Recipes with Kumquats

Linked here is article on NPR about a food writer's first taste of a kumquat. Contained within are some recipes using kumquats, in case you don't just want to eat them by themselves as is.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

      Kumquats are yum and whole is indeed the way to go! :) They are a tiny package of great nutrition, as well.