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Candies I Miss

Updated on July 12, 2010

Where have these candies gone?

If you go to a Cracker Barrel restaurant, usually along a highway, you will find they have a section devoted to old time candy in the lobby.  They have rock candy, flavored candy sticks, Bazooka bubble gum, gum drops, Mary Janes, Bit O Honey and jelly beans.  But there are some candies I remember from my childhood that I never find there.  I suppose the candies I am looking for have been discontinued.  But I still look.  I sometimes think about the things we enjoyed years ago and I miss some of them. 

Here is a trip down memory lane, recalling some of the candy I used to eat.  I hope you enjoy it and feel free to add any favorites you have that you don't see here.

1. Bonomo turkish taffy

   This came as a long flat piece of candy wrapped in paper.  We used to take the bar and hit it against the wall a few times.  That would cause it to shatter.  Then we would unwrap it and eat it slowly piece by piece.  I only remember the vanilla flavor but I think it came in other flavors as well.

2. Royal Crown Sour Cherry

  This was a roll of hard candies.  Each one came wrapped in paper.  They had a sweet-sour flavor and was very much like eating a cherry, only  a little more sour.  I really loved these things.  They also had Sour Lemon and Sour Apple but Sour Cherry was the best.  Several years ago I was shopping in a store and I saw these in a display and bought as many as I could.  That was the last time I saw them.  If I remember correctly, they were made in England and imported.  Or maybe that was just something they told us.  Wher3. ever they came from, they were good.

3. Pixy Stix

  These were straws that were sealed on both ends.  In the middle was powdered candy.  You had to tear off one end of the straw to get the candy out.  You could pour it in your hand and eat it from your hand.  Or you could just pour a little in your mouth at a time.  The candy was like eating sweetened Kool Aid.  It came in different flavors.  If you ate it slowly, you could make it last a long time.  Making candy last a long time is a serious matter of prime importance to a child.

4. Fizzies

  These were flat discs that would fizz like Alka Seltzer.  But they came in fruit flavors.  You could put one in your mouth and it would fizz in your mouth.  Or you could drop it in water and watch it fizz in the water, then drink it and it would be like a fruit drink.  Fizzies were popular in the summer, because you could get ice cold water and drop one in and it was like having a cold fruit soda.  Fruit sodas were popular when I was young, too, but they were more expensive and fizzies were just as good with less expense.

5. Pine Brothers Cough Drops

  OK, this is not exactly a candy. These are cough drops.  But they were soft and chewy and came in a cherry flavor, so we ate them like candy.  If you put one of them in your mouth and just left it there, it would melt in your mouth so sloooowly, it would seem to last forever.  As I already said, long lasting candy was a high priority for children.  (See #3)  Even as an adult, I preferred Pine Bros. Cough Drops to any other brand, until they stopped carrying them at the stores I shopped in.  For a while I discovered Airborne Throat lozenges, which were a lot like Pine Bros. Cough Drops, although a lot more expensive.  But lately I can't find these in the store either. 

These are some of the candies I miss.  They were good when I was a child and I still enjoyed them even into adulthood for as long as I could get them.  There were others, too, but these stand out in my mind.  What candies do you miss?


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    • bjspivey-rivers profile image

      bjspivey-rivers 7 years ago

      Thank you. Yes they do.

    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 7 years ago

      Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite places and you're right you can still find these great candies. Licorice sticks are one of my favorites and they have em.