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Candy Cane Inspirations

Updated on November 21, 2010

 Candy Canes can be so much more than just something to hang from the tree. Or even more than that midnight delight. Even more than what you pass out to the kids at work or school. I have a few other ways that you can use those candy canes. So take them off the tree this year and try these ideas out....

Try taking a salty snack and making it sweet......

You should start by crushing up some candy canes really fine. Then take those finely crushed candy canes with some cracked black pepper and stir them into cream cheese and spread that wonderful concoction onto any cracker of your choosing and top it off with some left over ham from the holidays! Talk about delicious!

Why not shake things up a bit??????????

Take a cocktail shaker and mix in some of those finely crushed candy canes with half and half. You can serve this over ice with your choice of a splash of soda! Sounds yummy right?

Make a mouth watering lamb sauce!

Now if you aren't into lamb then you can probably do this on just about any of your chosen meats for the holidays... but what you do is take a candy cane and melt it in some water; then simmer with some fresh chopped mint, garlic (minced), add some vinegar and some hot sauce and yummmmm ooooooo.... You have a topping for just about any meat!


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