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Candy Polls

Updated on July 21, 2012


Everyone knows what candy is. However, not everyone has found their absolute favorite candies yet. The greatest thing about candy is that all of these confectionate sugars can be shaped, colored and absorb many different flavors. In the USA, we only have simple candies that we have seen since childhood, but what about other countries?

Whether a candy is simple as a gumdrop, or complex as a candy science kit, you can never escape the fun and pleasure that it provides. Here are some people from YouTube, and places in the world that have and share these decadent, sweet treasures!


Thank You!

Thanks to the permission of "emmymadeinjapan" on YouTube, I got to show you one of the savory candy kits available from Japan.

Popin Cookin, Pocky & where to buy them.

"Popin Cookin", is a company that makes candy kits. What is a candy kit? Like in the video above, candy kits allow the candy-lover to play with their candy and eat it at the same time. There are many companies in Japan that sell these candy kits, and luckily they are sliding their way to the Americas. These candy kits are available on Amazon or Ebay, a website called Whitebunny, and local Asian markets such as in San Francisco, CA, in China Town.

Pocky is another good candy from Japan that you can purchase at your local super-stores, even here in N. America. Pocky is like a pretzel/biscuit-stick that has been dipped in certain flavors.


Marzipan is a candy consisting of sugar and almond meal, however, depending on where you buy the Marzipan, or what country, it is made in different ways. One of my favorite types of Marzipan is inexpensive, called De la Rosa. De la Rosa is a ground-peanut and sugar Marzipan that is more dry and crumbly when you go to bite it.

Marzipan originally came from the European and Asian countries. Over there, Marzipan is usually shaped into decorative objects and painted to resemble an actual food or object.


Do you prefer to....

Do you prefer to....

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I find it interesting and also a little scary the way that some companies make their candies look like little pills. They are edible, flavored and most of the time colored... but I know of a few children who accidentally ate medicine because they thought of it to be candy. That is why I like the candies that I get to be in fun character shapes, plus it helps you to savor the moment with your precious candy and not go crazy eating them 'cause they ONLY taste good!

Do you ever notice that candy shops that have really cool candies are either the biggest candy location around, or the smallest. The regular candy shops that we visit carry the stuff that we usually see around Halloween time (if you celebrate it :) ).

Do you ever notice that some candies make it seem like we live in an innocent world. I mean, look at the gummy bears for instance. They are always so happy-looking, when they are really all doomed for the same fate (yum!). Its so sad, but they never fail to show their cute faces to us 'til the very end!

Candy-Pie Chart!

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I prefer making my own candy so that I can get it just the way I want, but I don't make it that often. To me, its the flavor, more than the sweetness of the candy that is important. People like to choose their favorite candy based on flavor anyway, right?

- Brandon J Martin

If you have any comments about the article, any candies you love, or ask me anything, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOUR FAVORITE CANDY IS! Thanks.

When picking a candy, do you prefer....

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What is your number one favorite candy?


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    • Brandon Martin profile image

      Brandon Martin 4 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Here are a couple GREAT locations in SF:

      NiJiya Market

      1737 Post St

      San Francisco, CA 94115

      (415) 563-1901

      Super Mira Market

      1790 Sutter St

      San Francisco, CA 94115

      (415) 921-6529

    • profile image

      kla 4 years ago

      Hi Brandon, where can we get Japanese Kracie candy kits in SF?