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Candy Nutrition - The Rich, Sugar-Flavored Sweet Enriched with Fruits and Nuts

Updated on September 9, 2012

The Health Benefits of Candy Nutrition

There are many people who love candies. If it is taken rarely then there is no harm but if it becomes a daily need then candies can be unhealthy for your body as candy nutrition is zero. It is because of the simple reason that candies are made of sugar and hence there is no nutrition in it. Some of the candies even come with different flavor so the essence which is added in it can make the conditions worse as syrups are used in it. Therefore if you talk about candy nutrition then it can be said that there is no nutrition in it. Hence one must avoid taking it on regular basis.

The Different Types of Candy Calories

The candies have more content of sugar and hence it can become a problem for your health if you take too much of candies. The amount of calories in a candy depends upon the flavor that you are taking. There are different kinds of candies like chocolate candy, milk candies, peanut butter etc. Though most of the people say that fruits do not add to the candy calories but still the sugar is the main ingredient which can be harmful for the body. The ones which have essence have more candy calories and avoided in any case. It just gives a taste to your tongue but when it comes to nutritional value there is none.

The Decreasing Rate of Candy Bar Nutrition

When you will see the calorie chart of the candies you will find that most of the candies are full of calories and so they add fat to your body. The amount of calories that you consume is around 170g to 220 g depending upon the candy that you eat. But the content of protein is very less which is good for your body. There is only 1-3 g of proteins which will have no effect on you.Hence you can see that there is nothing solid that will go in to your body b\just the sugar and fat. So it can be concluded that the candy bar nutrition will add to your weight rather than giving a healthy diet.


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    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 5 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      I think more could have been made of this, but maybe that's just me. What if somebody came up with the idea of sweetening with cabbage or carrot? There's a 'sweet element' in both, especially carrot. How about carrot or cabbage ice-cream? Too far fetched? Somebody's already made ice-cream with vegetables.

      Still, if you eat enough of anything that's meant to be good for you it gets to be a poison!