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Recipes for Canning Peppers

Updated on July 11, 2013

My boyfriend and I love to garden. During the summer months I am in charge of the flower garden and our "guinea pig" garden. ( named so because it has all the veggies our guinea likes to eat) He is always in charge of tomatoes and peppers. This year he has out done himself and we are up to our ears in peppers! JalapeƱo peppers, banana peppers, and even ghost peppers are coming on fast. The pepper plants are yielding a crop every week and a half. I asked my friends for help and go several recipes for canning peppers. I have made them and will share them with you in this hub!

Pepper Jelly

The first recipe I tried was Pepper Jelly. It was relatively easy to make. To make six jelly jars full you will need the following items: Seven Jalapeno peppers, one bell pepper, a package of Sure Gel, one cup of cider vinegar and five cups of sugar.

The first thing you wil need to do is seed and cut your peppers. If you have never worked with peppers before you need to be aware the juice of the hotter peppers can leave a burning sensation on your hands.. Wearing rubber gloves would be advisable. After you cut your peppers place them in a blender or food processor so they can be chopped into very fine pieces.

Once the peppers are blended place all ingredients in a six quart bowl. Put on medium heat and stir. Bring the mixture to a full boil, stirring constantly. Boil for two minutes then remove from heat. Take a metal spoon and remove the foam from the top. The foam is going to have a lot of bigger pieces of peppers floating up top. Just discard them.

The next step is to put the mixture into jars. The mixture should be a clear green with some pieces of finely chopped peppers. Place the mixture into jelly jars. I did not have any on hand so I put them in pint jars. You can process them in a water bath or you can just put them in the fridge.This hot and sweet jelly makes a great gift!

Pepper Jelly I canned myself!
Pepper Jelly I canned myself!

Peppers in Tomato Sauce

This next pepper canning recipe is also easy, but a little more time consuming. For this pepper recipe you will need, tomato sauce, peppers, all types, onions, garlic minced, oregano, basil or any other herb you prefer. The first step is to slice the peppers into long strips. Be very careful about getting pepper juice on your hands and eyes.

After you have seeded and cut your peppers and onions, place them in a skillet and liberally add oil. I like olive oil. Cook the peppers not very long. You still want the peppers to be kind of crunchy. In the meantime while the peppers are cooking get a saucepan and heat up some tomato sauce.

Now this is where you need to kick in the coordination! When the peppers and onions are ready move them to the tomato sauce in the pot. Be sure to flavor the peppers or the sauce with basil, garlic or oregano. I had to keep cutting peppers and putting them in the skillet as other peppers were being transferred to the sauce. Here is a tip for this part. I used a slotted spoon to transfer the peppers and a non-slotted spoon for the sauce.

Now while this is going on you will want to start your water bath or canner.

Is it hot enough?

When you snuck a bite of the peppers in tomato sauce was it hot enough? Did it need more flavor? If so,pour the rest of the oil from the skillet into the sauce!

Once all of your peppers are cooked and in the sauce it is time to put them in jars. Here is a tip for putting this in jars. I used a slotted spoon and transferred the peppers to a measuring cup. I then used the measuring cup to pour the peppers into the jar with funnel. I did this with all the jars until they were full. I then used the measuring cup and poured the remaining tomato juice on top to fill. It is very important that the peppers in tomato sauce are processed in a water bath or pressure cooker.

I hope you enjoyed the pepper canning recipes. I will be sure to add more as the canning season goes on. There will be canned salsa and pepper butter in the future!


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    • jojokaya profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      nice sharing


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