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Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Updated on August 24, 2016

Carolina Reaper Chile

The Carolina Reaper - Hottest Pepper in the World.
The Carolina Reaper - Hottest Pepper in the World. | Source

The Carolina Reaper

Many people love the heat of a good pepper. In fact, some people feel like pepper is better when it is hotter. Chiles are the favorite of most people. They have flavor and heat and can pair well with many dishes. There is a wide variety of Chiles available to people all over the world. Some of the chiles are in at the top of the Scoville Heat Unit scale which is the way we measure a pepper's heat. The Carolina Reaper chiles have made a reputation for themselves as being the hottest chile in the world. The Carolina Reaper pepper began to receive a large amount of attention a few years ago. People everywhere began to talk about the pepper that just might be the hottest ever to grow.

In 2013 the rumors were confirmed, and the Guinness Book Of World Records named the Carolina Reaper pepper the hottest in the world. The designation rocketed the pepper to fame and created a desire to be able to taste the world famed pepper.

The average heat of the pepper was recorded to be 1,569,300 Scoville units. This is just an average, however, and some peppers can be much hotter than that number. The Carolina Reaper chile pepper is a hybrid cross between a ghost pepper and a habanero pepper. They are a hearty pepper that is relatively easy to grow. The popularity of the pepper is undisputed. People all over are creating dishes and sauces using the Carolina Reaper Pepper. Many of these dishes use a Carolina Reaper hot sauce rather than the whole pepper. The hot sauce can add flavor and heat to just about any savory dish. Now you might be wondering where to buy Carolina Reaper hot sauce. People have begun selling the new pepper sensation, and now it has been picked up by the commercial market. No more having to look for a neighbor or local gardener that makes Reaper pepper sauce.

Now you can actually buy Reaper pepper sauce. You may be asking yourself where to buy Carolina Reaper sauce. The answer is simply. You can own your very own bottle of if you visit If you are the type that likes spicy and flavorful, you must own a bottle of this fine pepper hot sauce. Check out the website for more information about how you can own your own bottle and kick up the flavor of your next meal.

Carolina Reaper: On the Scoville Scale

This is where the Carolina Reaper ranks. Hint: Look far right! See link to learn where to buy Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce.
This is where the Carolina Reaper ranks. Hint: Look far right! See link to learn where to buy Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce. | Source


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