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Carrot Parsley Soup

Updated on January 10, 2012
Simple, Easy, Flavorful Carrot Parsley Soup
Simple, Easy, Flavorful Carrot Parsley Soup | Source

The Carrot Parsley Connection

This soup is uncomplicated in preparation and ingredients. In fact, I intend NOT to put measurements, but to encourage your taste buds to explore what is the best flavor you can achieve out of these simple ingredients:

Carrots - I used Alaskan produced carrots that are the best I have ever had. Alaskan carrots are juicy, crunchy and not fibrous. With this soup, all of the carrots minus the ends were included.

Fresh Parsley - I like Italian parsley better because of its taste than the curly parsley.

Spices - Kosher salt, black pepper, Old Bay seasonings, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco

Dried Herbs - Thyme, Sage (Dried herbs are more potent, so use sparingly. Same goes with other spices.)

Garlic and Shallots - Always look for balance. Never overwhelm your food with a ton of garlic or the onion family because the food becomes offensive.

The option of poultry bones or plain water is up to you. I used my defrosted Thanksgiving turkey bones for this and it is delicious.

I would recommend to sauté the shallots first in the pot that would hold your measurements. Then add your turkey bones, water and chopped carrots. Add the garlic and the rest of the spices and herbs and let it boil.

Once the carrots are tender, fish out the the bones and discard. However, if there are some flesh tidbits, do add them to the soup as you wish.

Purée the carrots and solid ingredients in a food processor. You do not have to add the stock, otherwise it will splatter everywhere. Once all the carrots and solid ingredients are puréed, add to the stock and stir to incorporate.

Serve hot and garnish with fresh parsley sprig.

Alaskan carrots
Alaskan carrots | Source

Best Reason For This Soup

No sweat cooking. If you have 20 minutes to spare, you would be rewarded with a delicious, nutritious homemade meal. You can make a big pot and freeze the extra for your next meal also.

Good healthy cooking for 2012.

The Allure of Carrots

Besides the beta carotene that gives them that brilliant orange color, carrots are a blessing for weight control watchers. it is low in saturated fats and the big cumbersome "C" cholesterol. Carrots are also loaded with B6, niacin, folate, thiamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin K. Carrots has its own built-in sugar composition, so it can lend that extra sweetness to food without the guilt of processed sugars.

Like any food, moderation should be the forefront of any diet.


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